Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Post Day Three

Dinner with workmates.  

Raucous laughter. Check
Scurrilous gossip. Check
Lots of filth. Check
Yummy food. Check. 

Naan breads as big as duvet covers. 


Thanks for your comments about my rash ridden son yesterday. It's come up again this evening at exactly the same time. I don't think it has been as bad.  Bad enough though. Such a horrible thing to deal with. He's not happy at all. :( 

Happy Friday all. Xxx


  1. It is very painful, similar to falling into nettles but worse. Forgot to say, he had his last attack around 20 or so. Not had a single one since, the doctor said he would grow out of it and he did. Try the witch hazel, it really does help.

  2. Nice to see you back again, Hon. Hope Ty is soon rash free. x

  3. A fun night out with the girls is a great way to wash away the worries of the week.


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