Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 91 - OAP Weekender

Hello darlinks!

I hope your weekend has been fun filled!

Lovely man and I ran away to be OAP's this weekend (Old Aged Punks).  The Sex Pistols Experience - a really highly rated tribute band - were playing at the Robin in scary old Bilston town.  The venue has a b&b attached to it and so rather than having the hassle of catching late night public transport or paying out for cabs, we stayed over.  We treated ourselves to an Indian meal before the gig and then tottered back in time for the bands to come on.

There were a couple of support acts, the second one being The Screaming Abdabz  - who played a very short but very good set of souped up 50s rockabilly/rock 'n roll.  They were very good and we shall certainly be looking out for them when they play around here again.  I was quite surprised to see so few people at the venue, although there were just about enough there to generate a decent enough party atmosphere.  I tend to forget that the people who were original punk rockers are now circa 50 years old and are probably preferring to be at home bouncing grandchildren on their knees than listening to foul mouthed, noisy upstarts!  Ah we had a good time though.  The Pistols tribute were bloody brilliant; looking, sounding and acting like our heroes(!); the lead singer looking uncannily like a young Mr Rotten down to the wall-eyed stare and razor sharp retorts.  It was all over far too quickly though, and to our amazement everyone just disappeared (apart from man and I and another couple who wanted to squeeze as much out of the evening as possible, making half hearted attempts to storm the dance floor to some old classics).  As the staff were sweeping up around us however it detracted from the ambiance somewhat and thus defeated, we took our weary gin soaked bones (in my case that is) to bed!

Because I KNOW that you are intrigued and want to see what I'm rabitting on about this short Channel 4 doc will put you in the picture.

In other news - I bought flowers - they look pretty impressive don't they? Gladioli looking like weird stag antlers and gorgeous happy smiley sunflowers.

This is an early birthday present from Lovely Man

And this is a new sign for our kitchen - cos well, that's our life ethos really!

Rock an' bloody roll eh readers?!!


  1. Thanks for the tip about Vodka; I'll remember that!

  2. It does sound like you had a brilliant weekend, its great fun to let yourself go now and again. Music, whatever genre is good for the soul. Hope you have a good week too. x

  3. I couldn't stand punk, but then, never really got crazy about any other genre either. Each to their own I guess!

  4. Sounds like you had a good time, if a bit subdued for your liking, lol.


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