Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 89 - Birthday BBQ

Hey there

I just remembered that I didn't mention the birthday boy's BBQ!

My darlin' man had a not insignificant birthday last Saturday.  The weather was looking a little dodgy and so we were very pleased that we had bought two gazebos the day before.  We got both of them for less than £40 and I know they will earn their keep in the future.  It was actually lovely all day.  The sun shone and it was dry - then just before everyone was due to arrive the bloody heaven's opened and we had a proper deluge!  I was a tad stressed, but the man in his usual laid back manner refused to be fazed by it and sure enough it brightened again and we had a good few dry hours.  It did start raining towards the end of the evening but everyone was sheltered, we had fleecy throws and crocheted blankets for those who were feeling the chill and so the evening went without a hitch.

We had the usual burgers, sausage, chicken and corn cobs, but we also did a huge tray of pulled pork which was a complete hit with everyone.  For pudding there were anarchy cupcakes (I only remembered to take a photograph when there was one left but they looked great - shop bought cup cakes topped with all manner of Sex Pistols logos, album covers and anarchy symbols printed on rice paper - the E of Bayness is a magical place!!).  I also served a HUGE Eton mess in tiny vintage glass cups (thanks Paula!!) which was declared a hit too!

Unbeknown to him, I had arranged for one of his sisters to pay a surprise visit (oh the glories of Facebook!) and his face was a picture when he opened the door to her.  They hadn't seen each other for a couple of years and so it was lovely to see them reunited.  I hadn't met her before either and it was good to meet another of his siblings.  He is one of nine children - I think I still have around six others to meet yet.  I had mentioned that he hadn't got many family photographs and to my delight she had made up a very special photograph album for him which featured him from baby to man and also precious photos of his parents.  I know he was very touched by this.

Not looking bad for fifty is he?! I'm a lucky gal! 

Rude word alert!!  

My man and my brother!

The lights are going down - but the huge hollow ball candles
did a good job of casting a lovely glow (and warming hands too!)

Anarchy cupcakes!!

This was the card I had done for him!

All in all a successful evening and a memorable one for him surrounded by people who love him.  Perfect :)


  1. A beautiful day celebrating the BIG 50!

    1. It was indeed Linda x Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Happy Birthday to your handsome bloke! Those cupcakes are the best I've ever seen! x

    1. Anarchy Cupcakes - they could catch on!

  3. Fabulous! Love it all! Happy Birthday to your man xxx


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