Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 87 - Mucho Randomness

Happy Friday my lovelies!

I'm just back from my bestie's house full of THE most wondrous veggie curry and good coffee.  A good old chinwag, a few laughs and plotting on how we can Rule The World and turn it into a giant commune of peace loving, vegetable bartering, skills trading, generally lovely people was a good way to unwind after a fraught old boring worky-week.

Other highlights of my day have been watching a squawking, surprisingly vicious aerial battle between a seagull and a heron over the canal this morning on my way to work.  The old barge-dwelling bloke walking his dog with his cuppa in hand, chuntering away to himself.  Coming home to a cuddle from the man and knowing we have two lovely days away from smelly old worky-work.

I have Galaxy Ripples in my house.  Well - I did.  Once.  *looks sheepish*

KTT has "his band" here this evening.  We are not allowed to call it a 'sleep over' because 16 year old fellas don't 'DO' sleep overs. Okay?  Just so as you know like!   They've had a barbecue for which KTT went shopping this afternoon.  I had a slightly panic stricken phone call from him this afternoon because he was lost in the barren wastelands of Asda in search of burgers.

"Mom - where would I find the burgers?"
"In a freezer love",
"There's no freezers in Asda".
"No. I've found bacon though"
"Oh.  Would they be in the Frozen section?"
"Mmm.  Well I think they might possibly might be.  Possibly".
"Oh.  Ohhh okay I found em. Thanks.  Bye".


In other news, King of the Lottie, aka my green fingered brother has produced this lovely lot:-


Guess which lucky blogger has a  freebie carrier bag full of vegetable goodness then?! Whoop whoop!!

I had to share this picture with you that he took of his, erm, interestingly shaped pink fir apple potatoes.  Please click on it to enlarge the photo and tell me they don't look as if they're breakdancing!!





  1. Pink Fir Apples are delish, but a b*gger to peel. Well done your bro.

  2. You're right, they do look as if they're break dancing :)

  3. Break dancing spuds! Seen it all now, lol xxx

  4. Sounds like a great chinwag, just the sort I have with my daughter in law. Wow! Fantastic veggies, those spuds made me smile :-)

    Teenagers! I used to get asked if they could "kip down" lol x


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