Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 86 - A balanced diet.

It's the law.

If you're on holiday at the seaside you have to have:-

Freshly cooked Fish n Chips on the seafront.


Ice-cream.  In various guises. 

Between us we sampled Rum n Raisin, Choc Malteaser, Lemon Meringue, plain Vanilla

and these babies! (not all at once I have to say!)

Which one was mine do you think?

It could only be ..........

I can resist anything but temptation! 


  1. Have you ever tried Mint humbug ice cream? Next week I am having banana ice cream (with peanut butter cheesecake).
    ../Just a pair of lushes aren't we? LOL

  2. Good lord!!! That sounds positively obscene...... I'm on the next train!!! ;)

  3. Nowt like a knickerbocker glory by the sea.

  4. DB loves a knickerbocker glory but we can never find a decency one. Yours looks great!


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