Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 88 - Sunday Wistfulness

Can you feel it bloglies?  (Stop that!)

There is something about the air quality. Something tangible about the faint nip in the breeze. I feel it every year around this time.  Something inside me. Something definite but inexplicable.  But it's there. A restless feeling but similarly a yearning to be at home. The shadows are lengthening. The spiderwebs are thickening. The thistle down fairies are everywhere.  It's just out of reach of my outstretched fingertips but the change of the season is but weeks away. The wheel is turning. Autumn is coming. And I shall welcome it with arms wide open.  

Today has been perfect. We've had nothing to do but potter.  I felt a strong urge to bake and cook wholesome food for my family. 

A sweet spicy curry crammed with veggies from the allotment. 

A chicken Balti with a little more bite. 

I needed to use up some eggs and so used some in sweet treats. Squishy squidgy rich chocolate brownies. 
And a coffee and walnut cake 

Three lines of washing has been line dried in the fresh breeze and smells divine. 

A stroll down the field to look for blackberries wasn't very successful. The fruit was tiny and full of grubs. 

We left them for the birds. 

The field made me feel a bit sad today. There are acres of beans but they're all black. Look!

It looks like a post apocalyptic scene from a film set. I'm not sure why the crop has been left like this or whether it's intentional and the beans are to be dried for animal feed. 

They're like tiny broad beans.  Any clues?

The cob nut trees are loaded. I took a terrible pic tho as I only had my phone so you'll have to take my word for it!!

This little fella seemed happy enough.  If only all his friends who seem to be resident in my garden would join him!!

Back in the garden the blue hydrangea is changing colour into a delicious faded lilac.

And Charlie cat lies in the dappled shade of the Rowan tree.

I want to share a song with you. It's from the Long Road Out of Eden album by The Eagles.  It's a song that always evokes the same Late Summer/Early Autumnal wistful feeling in me. The lyrics are clever and perfect. It appears that they didn't make a video to it so I've chosen one which is made by a fan, who uses some nice photographic images to illustrate the lyrics.


  1. I think those black beans are the seed pods.

  2. A restless feeling but similarly a yearning to be at home

    Yes I feel exactly the same way. Google "A vagabond song" by Bliss Carmen, you will love it x

    Your cooking made my mouth water. Coffee walnut cake is the Mr's favourite. If you can make a decent carrot cake, you can definitely move in :-D

    1. No need Cath - it's one of my all time fave poems. I even blogged about it years ago - Kindred bloggy spirits!

  3. I think they're what's called 'Field Beans', they'll soon be harvested, I would imagine.

  4. They are field beans for animal feed, harvested when dry but I think we can eat them. Yes, I know what you mean about the first twinges of Autumn, definitely a nip in the air! We have already had to catch and throw out, 2 of those huge house spiders (females apparently looking for males to breed with).

  5. Yum, everything looks delicious! That chicken balti super-so! Can you post the recipe in the Castle please?

    I noticed a field of black stalks whilst I was driving he other day and wondered what they were. Obviously the same thing but I haven't any answers, apart from black beans. As you say - maybe cattle feed?

    I said the same about the feeling in the air this morning. Definitely Autumn drawing on. Lovely, except it means the start of a new term :( Nice song though.



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