Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 79 - Totally Irreverent Friday

Blessed Lammas

I've not got to go to the dark and gloomy place for nine whole days.  NINE!  (YAY!)

Him indoors has got one final shift left tonight and then he's free too! (Double Yay!!)

I've found the train ticket confirmation.  (Phew!!)

I've got a funky card which looks like the front of a well known rock magazine for him indoors's birthday.  Tis funny!  Will show you in due course!

KTT and I are sharing a cheeky Chinese, cos it's Friday and we're in holiday mode and cos we can!

I'm having a 90s rock night on me own in the living room and wondering exactly when Phil Collen (no - NOT Phil Collins!! Tsk!!)   from Def Leppard turned into a buff, built rock god without me hearing about it.  Blimey.  Talk about aging nicely at 56 years old!



Nope.  Nothin' in ma noggin!

Must have been that strategically placed tattoo and six pack.


I'm off to fan myself with an old copy of Kerrang.

Smile! It's Friday!! ;)


  1. I've just been listening to Ace of Spades (yes, that one). Lady M hates it, so it's been a similar one person rock fest here too.

    1. Cro I am very impressed. What a choon! \m/

  2. I used to say (when I worked) that the best moments of the week was that half hour when I would drive home on Friday, with all hopes and plans for my days off. It was even better when there were long weekends or vacations to look forward to.

  3. 9 days D&GP free, you lucky duck! ;) Lughnasadh blessings to you and yours x


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