Sunday, 1 September 2013

September Day Book


Outside my window... I have just witnessed THE most amazing sunset... y'know one of the ones that you look at and feel truly blessed to have experienced  The skies were lit up with soft bands of deep pink, orange and bronze.  Mackerel skies; fluffy bands of clouds, the landscape changing by the second as I gazed upon it  The sun has descended away now, exhausted after its adventures in paint box land.  Phew!  It was emotional!

I am thinking... that the 1st September has been a stunningly beautiful day and hope that it bodes well for the rest of the month.  My favourite time of the year is just beginning and there is siren song being played out in the hedgerows surrounding the field, beckoning me to see what bounties are hidden within.  

There is the slightest, teeniest,hint of Autumn hanging tangibly in the air.  There has been a mist over the fields for the last couple of mornings and the dew drop decorated spidey webs are plentiful.  The wasps are plentiful and excitable, drunk as skunks on the ripening plums and apples and hedgerow bounties of  overblown blackberries.

I am thankful...that I have just five days left at work and then I am FREEEEEE for 9 whole blissful days

In the kitchen...the remains of our pulled pork and apple and blackberry crumble dinner ....

I am wearing...Dita Von Teese perfume.  Oh yes I am.  And I smell gorgeous! ;)

I am creating...nothing at present - however I have created a 'winter' canvas in the last week.  I'll share it with you soon. 

I am bed!  Very shortly indeed and as soon as I have this posted as I have been a very neglectful blogger of late.  Saying that, maybe better not to post at all than to bore you all more rigid than usual with tales of my mundane working week. 

I am wondering... whether I am coming down with something yuksome as my throat seems very dry and scratchy and I've felt a bit heavy eyed all day.  Hope not!  I don't have time to be ill this week. And I'm also curious as to where the two Morris Women were headed yesterday afternoon, all raggetted up (just made that word up!) and faces blackened and bells a jingling, walking nonchalantly down Stourbridge High Street.  Hum.  

I am reading... Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II (again!) and delighting as usual in his descriptiveness, and, something light before sleep, Sue Townsend's "The woman who went to bed for a year" which has been 'ok' so far.  

I am hoping...that there are many, many more days like today.

I am looking forward to... a trip to Belfast and Giants Causeway with LM a week tomorrow.

I am learning... that fasting three days a week is doing me the world of good and am so pleased that the new regime of intermittent fasting is definitely the one for me.  My energy levels are on the up and there is an added bonus of a stone in weight gone already.

Around the house... dog hair tumbleweeds (the dog is moulting like Billy-O"), far too many cushions, clutter, mess and unfinished projects which are beginning to get on my nerves!

I am nice it would be to get rid of absolutely every stick of furniture in the house and start all over again from ground zero.

A favourite quote for today...

"There is something in the autumn that is native to my blood" - Bliss Carmen.
One of my favourite things... Days like today... warm (but not hot) sunshine, a slight cooling in the air, home baking... just 'being' here at home.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: tidying ,working, finding out a suitable flight bag which will satisfy Easy Jet's pedantic hand luggage restrictions and trying unsuccessfully to pack it with the smallest, daintiest things ima
ginable which, lets face it if you're my size, just ain't gonna happen buddy! 

A peek into my day...  See photos above - and in celebration of the most wonderful time of the year (in my eyes) we went blackberrying, picked a pot full and the same were turned into oaty apple and blackberry crumble as soon as we got them home.  Crumble.......... mmmmm!!


  1. A great post - I like the daybook idea. Those photos are just beautiful. I'm going back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks off - which has gone so fast. Autumn has definitely arrived up here, a few mile north of you. It has felt very autumnal all week! I hope you have more great days on your time off.

  2. Yup; spectacular skies indeed. I too love September. We now have coolish mornings and 27C afternoons. No rain expected for a while, and everything is tinder dry. Scrumping days!

  3. A lovely post Kim, I love the way you write ... the description of the subset and the birdsong is very prosaic!

    I feel exactly the same about my home at the moment ... I think September feels a bit like after Christmas ... I just want to have a ruddy good clearout and start afresh ... I won't though!

    Enjoy your time off, you deserve it!

    Love Claire XXX

  4. Yes like that here last night. DH was on his way home from golf and said the tor silhouetted against the sky was amazing. Neither of us have a camera on our phones, but I managed to get some photos from the house.
    I know what you mean about "stuff" getting on your nerve. I used to feel like that when we came back from the caravan, where we lived quite happily with just the bare essentials.
    Yes I'm with you, autumn is the most glorious time of the year.
    Hope your throat is better soon x

  5. Lovely post, Kim :)

    Enjoy your time off, 9 whole days?!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful sunset. My Mum is doing the 5:2 diet and she has lost weight aswell. She loves the fact that you can still have a few treats aswell. Congratulations on losing a stone Kim!

  7. Wow--- what a sunset. I am waiting for mid-September, before we will see any sunsets that vivid in color where I live.

  8. we spend more time with our co workers then we do our families!


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