Friday, 6 September 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday lovely readers, followers, lurkers and passers-by!

I'm doing a bit of a happy dance this evening (well - I'm waving me legs around feebly!) because I have finished work for a week.  Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

I found this pic on my phone earlier that I'd forgotten about.  It was taken a few weeks ago of the scraggy bit of buddleia which has self seeded itself in the tarmac and stands at the entrance to the business park where I work.   I was amazed to see literally 'swarms' (hmm what do you call a lot of butterflies?  a swarm? a herd? a flutter?)  Anyway.... the flowers were absolutely smothered in Peacock butterflies.  I've never seen so many in one place.
Five butterflies on this patch alone - one is a bit of a blur on the bottom flower bract  and another with closed wings on the top most flower - click on the pic to enlarge it.

Yet more changes at work mean that I've been allocated three guys to work for.  I was delighted and a bit touched when I was called down to reception early this afternoon to received these gorgeous flowers from them in lieu of my birthday next week  - the photo really doesn't do them justice.  I've honestly never seen such a beautiful bouquet. Its full of alstromeria, golden rod, yellow roses, orange gerberas and gorgeous sunflowers (my favest fave flowers!) and some very interesting orange flowers that I don't have a clue about!  Definitely 'my' colours - a wonderful autumnal bouquet and a very much appreciated gift.

And finally, my little potato family.  Allotment potatoes are far more interesting than supermarket ones don't you think?!  hee hee... and yep - I really did tie a bit of ribbon around Daddy Tato.  Cos that's how I roll!

We are family - I've got all my tatoes with me! 
Bit of a random post here this evening but you should be used to me by now!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your potato family!

    Our more humorous veg tends to resemble errrr....uhhhh....umm, body parts. Then again, could just be our skewed perspectives. LOL

  2. I like a random post- I am very good at random posts too in fact the whole blog is random!


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