Monday, 23 September 2013

Five Random Things

Time for a bit of randomness I reckon.

1.  I have never, nor have any intention to, watch an episode of Downton Bliddy Abbey.

2.  I have never successfully applied a pair of false eyelashes.

3.  My dog is obsessed with:-
     a)   Watering cans;
     b)   Steam Irons;
     c)    Bits of fluff;
     d)   Stealing tea-towels, single socks, empty toilet rolls;
     e)   The television, particularly Eastenders;
     f)    Aerosol sprays and will run from the top of the garden to the upstairs bathroom in
           0.03 seconds as soon as he hears the cap being removed;
     e)   The open freezer - he will stand trying to lick the drawers if at all possible;
     f)    The cats;
     g)   The chicken;
     h)   Going outside.  Even if he has just come inside.
     i)    Drinking from the bliddy loo even if he has a full bowl of water.
     j)    Pacing

4)  I passed my driving test first time at the age of 18 and haven't driven since.
      This is (one of) the bane(s) of my life.

5)  I know most of the words to the film Notting Hill.
     And Love Actually
     And Bridget Jones ....  ahem.....

Go on - tell me some randomness!

Love xxx


  1. re No 1: Me too, it seems extremely boring, despite all the fancy sets and costumes. A remake of Upstairs/Downstairs.

    re No 4: Why, why, why???

    re Love Actually: I love the end bit when he proposes in the restaurant; brilliant. But I don't know the script by heart.

    1. re no 4 - I'll post about it shortly! lol

  2. My random comment is ... I'm sure people think I make things up, nothing ever goes right!

    Why have you never driven since, Kim, you're obviously a good driver to pass first time. Being not very confident at driving far myself I can empathise.

    Your dog sounds hilarious!

    Thanks for popping over to me, you're always welcome

    Love Claire xx

    1. Well you couldn't make it up could you?! lol re the driving - ;long story Claire! One which I shall post about at some point. Thanks for visiting xx

  3. Oh, big Downton fan here, lol

    Regarding 3) i - check yer mail ;-)

  4. I don't even know what Game of Thrones is! Not watched Downton either. I only seem to like bruise coloured nail varnishes- blue, purple, green,black and gold. My cat is a cake that ok?

    1. Nooooo!!! Game of Thornes is FABMONGOUS!! Downton - Meh...
      Same re the nail varnishes! haha.... dog is a carrot cruncher - forgot to mention that one!


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