Sunday, 29 September 2013

Oh...... What a Beauty........

I've never seen one as big as that before........

Be warned......... photographs to follow contain graphic images of some HUGE specimens.

Steel yourselves now.....


Would you look at the size of that! - that delicate little black thing at the bottom of the photograph is my dainty be-booted foot!

The teeny little white oblong sitting on the marrow is my BlackBerry 'phone - just for some kind of perspective!

The pumpkins were in a class of their own!

This first prize winner was like a zeppelin!

See how this little pixie-man is dwarfed by it!  Tee hee - thanks for posing bro!

Not so pretty giants now......


Mutant Carrots!!

Look at these pretty potatoes!!

A lovely pair of caulis!

Pot leeks - these were huge - its difficult to get a perspective of how big things were just from the photos.

Such beautiful produce - 

This amazing trug of produce won a First and I'm really not surprised ... 

It was as well thought out from the back as it was from the front.

A rogue flower pic - these dahlias were called "Pooh" as in Winnie the Pooh - cos of the colours I guess!

More Mahoosive Veggies!

And my parting shot.............

OI!! Supermarkets!!

See ALL these bad boys?

AND all these other bad boys?

Guess what?




*sticks out tongue and blows a (British) raspberry*

Tee hee.

Love Love!


  1. all that veg was making my mouth water, I wanted to dive into that trug!

    1. They were wonderful Kath - the stuff you could make with all that veg!

  2. Oh what a lovely, lovely day out! The Brits can certainly put on a fabulous show of local produce. Not too sure about the mutants though. Mr. Pixie Pumkin - very cute! Does he help Santa at Christmas time?

  3. Fabulous stuff; puts all mine to shame (except the apples)!

  4. Wow! I love these vegetables. They're always the first thing i head for at shows...not that i go often:-) ! It's lovely to see you over at mine. Thanks chick xxxxx

    1. They're great aren't they?! Thanks for the return visit!

  5. What fabulous produce! Your boot and phone really showed the perspective well.

    And well done for posting those final pictures. It beats me why we don't use more of our fabulous produce. Who cares if they aren't all regular sizes if the flavour is superior. Supermarkets take note!

  6. British apples! British apples!! You'd think they were such a rarity wouldn't you? :( Love those dahlias too :)

  7. Those are just great- one of those mutant carrots looks like it's aspiring to look like a mandrake!

  8. They look amazing. Not sure if they're edible, though. I always remember one old gent who won lots of prizes at shows whispering to me that after dousing with his 'secret formula', it would be 'best not to eat them'!!! x


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