Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School and my Bad Baking Dilemma

Back to school for KTT today, just 12 days short of his 15th birthday.

This level of relative smartness will not last!  Nor will the 'getting up at 6.45 and making Momma a cup of coffee' like he did this morning!  I really thought that I may have woken up to a parallel universe or summat! Particularly when he ventured out of the front door before 8am.  Weird I tell you.  Weird!!

In other news.....  by way of several money off/free delivery vouchers and a smidgeon of witchcraft, I placed an online order with one of the big supermarkets recently, the upshot of which is that I was able to get £60.00 worth of shopping for £45.00.  It was ok - saved a load of hassle, particularly as we were due to go out in the evening and it saved us traipsing around town.  When unpacking however, we found that rather than the one large pot of natural yoghurt  I had ordered and paid for - they had sent three!   Well that was very nice of course and never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I resolved to make something with the 'overspill' so to speak.

I so wish I hadn't bothered!

I made a Lemon Yoghurt loaf cake from a recipe I found on t'interwebnet thingie.  Erm.......... this is how it turned out.

Bloody digusterous it was!  It took about a hour and a half to cook - it was supposed to be around 45 minutes.  Ugh!  

Whilst that was cooking - I made this.......... from another recipe I found on the t'internetweb thingie.

It's inedible.  Just smells and tastes of bicarbonate of soda, despite the blog from whence the recipe was 'borrowed' professing that this was a the loveliest, squidgiest chocolate cake know to man.  Well PAH!  It wasn't.  It was vile!

So. As well as one "free" large pot of yoghurt - I also wasted flour, half a pound of decent marg, flour, 5 of my  Leia's precious eggs, 2 fresh lemons, caster sugar and some very bliddy expensive cocoa powder.  This was my karma for not calling the supermarket and returning the 'gifted' yoghurt.

Mary and Paul would not be best pleased with my efforts.

Anyone fancy a pot of natural yoghurt?  Free to a good home!


  1. Raita, drizzled with honey, face pack, yog uses are boundless. I wish I had those free packs.

  2. Hey the boy looks cool!
    Don't worry Kim, I made something from an Internet recipe yesterday, it involved grating onions, potatoes and courgettes, you can imagine the state of my nails. And it turned out thin, soggy and undercooked yuk yuk!


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