Sunday, 23 June 2013

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

Hello all,

I'm so glad you could join me again here in my little corner of blog-land.  I've had a bit of a re-vamp, brushed some cobwebs away and hope you like the new look.

Phew it has been a very busy weekend.  Yesterday we hosted a surprise party for the birthday gal at my brother's house - we worked out socks off to make it perfect and thankfully - it was!  More of that soon, but in the meantime I promised that I would share some pictures of our visit to Westonbury Mill Water Gardens.

We happened upon this amazing little place on the way home from our ever so slightly bonkers trip to Wales.  You will remember that Mum wasn't feeling well, and so we were wending our way back towards the Midlands.  She was beginning to feel better by this point, but was, I think, feeling as though she had upset the whole day.  We reassured her that she had not, and that she could not help being poorly.  All the same, I'm so glad that my brother took one of those split second decisions to turn off when he saw the brown sign for the above, because we spent the best couple of hours meandering around this gorgeous little place and the day was well and truly rescued.

It was a place full of follies and water mills....
And foxgloves....

Of cool watery vistas ...

and gargoyles ..

Secret Hidey Holes .

And comfy roosting places

A dome made of 5000 wine bottles ...

The sun shining through them lit them up like stained glass ....
Casting incredible reflections on the tiny pool inside ....

Ponds full of dancing dragon flies

An beautiful Japanese maples ..

Gnarly tree stumps

Pretty Ladies

Swathes of flowers

Jurassic-like Gunnera

Papery bark
HUGE leaves

Perfect planting

Green Woman

Mad water powered cuckoo clocks

Hundreds of tadpoles - never seen so many!

Tranquil places .....

Gorgeous colours 

Ahhh.. All home to roost... must be time to leave.

Bye bye beautiful place ....

Check out the website HERE to find out more about this hidden treasure, which cost us less than five pounds each to visit.  There are also links on the website to a couple of virtual tours around the gardens which are worth a look.

See you soon !
With love xx


  1. Love your 'new look' Kim, and what a lovely, summery post!

    Glad your mum's feeling better and had a lovely day

    Claire xxx

  2. Looks like a fun place. A giant outdoor Cuckoo Clock sounds wonderful; I want one!

  3. What an interesting revamp! Love the look of this place and really must go when we are next sarf.

  4. Thanks for the tour, I shall add it to the very long 'to-do/to-see' list!

  5. What an amazing place Kim- another one to add to my list too. That gargoyle is sensational!

  6. what a wonderful place. I know I'd love to spend some time there. I wish I'd known about it while my other half was living in Wolverhampton and we could easily explore in that area! It's a bit of a drive now, but I think one day we'll go :)


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