Saturday, 8 June 2013

A June Kind of Daybook


Outside my window...out front there is a whole heap of junk from a weekend clear out of two garden sheds, currently awaiting collection.  My word it was very cathartic getting rid of so much rubbish - some of it has been sitting there for years!

I am thinking...about my poor friend who lost her father very suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning.  She had no time to say goodbye.  Life can be very cruel sometimes.  She is distraught, confused, unbelieving and feeling that life is a little surreal right now.  Having only lost my own dad eleven months ago, its brought a lot of feelings to fore as you can imagine.

I am ever, for my man, my children, my family.  A.D.O.R.E. them with all that I am.

In the kitchen...umm.... remnants of a rather scrummy Saturday night feast full of nibbly tasty treats, lots of washing up, washing to be put away, and joss sticks scenting the air.

I am wearing...w ould you be surprised if I said....PINK?   Thought so....  I don't like to shock people too much so as usual I'm in black!! Although my teeshirt has a rather natty pink leopard print heart on it!  

I am creating...Nothing at the moment.  Man has commandeered the craft pod to begin painting his HUGE Battle of Waterloo diorama.   Sigh.  

I am going...nowhere.  And that suits me fine right now.  I went to a work's 'do' last night and although I got glammed up and wore a dress (stop laughing) which wasn't black (shurrup!!) after hearing my friend's news my heart really wasn't in it and I left quite early on in the evening.   Staying in is the new going out!!

I am wondering...why it is so bliddy difficult to find some decent garden furniture these days.  I don't want foldy uppy, hollow aluminium, PU woven material upholstered chairs which will quail, and fold and retreat into itself at the very thought of my ample bottom sitting upon it.  I want beautiful, solid, wooden stuff.  Made from oaken girders (or summat), which will withstand years of use and, more importantly, cheap!  £3.47 should do it.  A fiver including delivery.  Anyone?

I am reading...not much these days I have to say.  I was once an avid reader but can't seem to concentrate these days for long enough to enjoy a good book.

I am hoping...that my mojo for blogging has returned.    

I am looking forward to...planting  my new plants tomorrow.  I have lots to do and many beautiful new plants to bed in so plan to get up early and potter away with my potting and planting whilst man wields his saw and threatens bits of wood into submission as he constructs a new screening fence for the top patio!   Disclaimer:  You will note the word 'plan'.   The process of "Planning" and "Actually Achieving That Which One Has Planned" basically depends upon how many times we play the "just one more coffee and we'll get up" scenario in the morning!

I am learning tha t I need to sort out my pain meds for my crooked back again as nothing seems to work.  I need to get the pain back under control as I'm becoming quite disabled by it lately.  Bloody arthritic old bint!

Around the house...erm......  lets draw a (heavily cobwebbed and very gothic) veil over that for now and categorically state that we have been "concentrating on the garden".   Ahem.   Moving on .....

I am pondering...some mahoosively big life changing stuff right now.  Only I can do it and I have to take some informed decisions.   I'm not ready to talk about it right now as I'm still going through internalised thought processes,  but if the opportunity presents itself to me (which I wholly doubt) then no doubt it will be blogged about in due course.  (Sorry - that's very mysterious of me isn't it? ........Oooh look!! a butterfly)

A favorite quote for today...    The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.
Alfred Austin 
One of my favorite things...Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens......... oh... that's two.  Sorry. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: potting, planting, painting, work (blech!), blogging (yay!), having two teeth pulled next Saturday morning (sobs into coffee cup)....

A peek into my day... I need to change the batteries on my camera but I'll share this short video of Harvey with you that my daughter took today.  Harvey is OBSESSED with stones (oh his obsessions will fill another blog post!!!) and he will take every opportunity to pick one up and throw it at you for hours.... and hours..... and hours............

The link will take you to facebook but should load up ok - as they say - just press play!

My barmy mutt

If you're wondering where the Daybook idea came from then please follow this link to find many more insights into people's days.


  1. If you require Arabian nights, G-n-T, have the day off Charles, type garden furniture you will have to pay good money. If you require good solid, all it needs is a cushion, furniture then your husband should be able to make it. There are plenty of very attractive designs about that just require wood saw and hammer. Try Mr Google.

    1. Thanks Cro - he would have a lovely time constructing methinks but he's got so many projects on the go right now I don't think he'd get around to it until possibly 2037!! We 'think' we've found one now - watch this space :)

  2. so good to hear from you from across the pond! that word summat. I am serious and not joking..

    1. Lol - thanks Jennifer - glad it made you smile!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your lovely comments :o)
    Looks like you're having life changes too - can be a pain in the a-s- can't it?
    I really need to sort out the 'junk corner' of the garden, luckily out of (my) sight most of the time.
    Are you a member of Freecycle or/and Freegle? if you're patient I'm certain you'd get some decent garden furniture for free! It's worth joining up.
    Enjoy the day whatever you do :o)
    Rose H

    1. Hi Rose - its a pleasure - I love your blog x I am indeed a member of Freecycle and also a sales page on Facebook but I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! I think we've found a set now thank goodness - we should be able to pick it up next week. x

  4. Do you know, I used to do the DayBook thing.... found myself a bit of an oddity amongst all of the...err... others. Great idea though!

    I get an 'content not available' for your barmy mutt, lol.

    1. Oops sorry chuck - I've just realised that you probably need to be a facebook friend. I'll have to try to do a direct link to the video. x


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