Thursday, 13 June 2013

A sign of the times?

LM was approached by a young girl of around primary school age yesterday as he was going into our local corner shop.  She asked him if he wanted to "swap a £5.00 voucher which you could spend in any shop for a fiver in cash".  He politely responded in the negative and carried on.  The girl followed him to the doors of the shop.  "Please mate," she implored, "It's my Mom's birthday and we need to get her something" Once again he replied that he didn't want to buy her 'voucher' and made to walk into the shop.

Another voice piped up behind him.  "You're all f*****g bastards around 'ere".

It was another little girl - this time no more than five years old.

How worrying is this?  For so many reasons.

He mentioned it to the shop assistant when he got inside, but the little girls had gone by the time they came out of the shop, probably to try to cash their 'voucher' in somewhere else.  I only hope that they kept themselves safe.


  1. If you could use it in any shop why didn't THEY use it to buy the 'gift'?
    Hope no-one was taken in by it...just shows what the parents are teaching them :o(
    Rose H

  2. My thoughts absolutely Rose - I don't think they'd thought that part out. Bless them - I do hope they're ok though. :/

  3. So sad, and such a horrible indictment on the way society is going, isn't it? :(

  4. Five year's old, you say! They probably needed the cash to buy some crack.

  5. so sad and shocking. :-(

    leanne x


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