Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Stuff

Hello everyone,

I do hope your weekend has been a good one.

T'other half went visiting his kids on Saturday morning.  As he works in Hartlebury and his daughter, step-daughter and step-son live in Stourport, it made sense for him to stay over there and meet them early on rather than come back over here and travel all the way back over - and then of course have to travel home again.

As a result I spent a lovely hour or so browsing the plentiful charity shops of Stourbridge and then we met up for coffee at around lunch time.  We laughed that it felt like we were on a date!

I've wanted a decent sized pedastal trifle bowl for ages and finally found one in the Cats' Protection League shop for £4.00.   It's bloody HUGE!!

I think I may need to use more than one box of jelly for this bad boy!!!

Even layered up with butterscotch angel delight, a tin of custard, chocolate brownies, a carton of whipping cream and crushed flakes, it barely came up to the half way mark!  Ah well - at least it was christened today and the man enjoyed it as his Fathers Day treat instead of me baking a cake.  

Today has been a difficult day for obvious reasons and  after a weep this morning, I've felt scaldy-eyed all day long.  I was trying desperately to think of  last Fathers Day, of what I had bought for him and what we had done, but it was like trying to catch whisps of fog.  I could not for the life of me remember and all I could think of was how much pain he was in this time last year.  This time last year we would have had just two weeks left with him.  Its a very surreal thought.  Looking through Facebook today I have seen some very poignant status updates from friends who are missing their own fathers too.

Ugh.  Sorry for the introspection - its a very difficult time of year with the anniversary approaching.

On a very much lighter note.... the fencing has been finished today and the top patio has now been anti-hooliganed!   I'm so pleased with it- Man has worked SOOO hard on the garden in the last few weeks.


We just have a bit of tidying and painting to do now to completely finish things off but once that is done, we should be left with a relatively maintenance free, pretty little courtyard garden.  

We had one of those lovely fluffy ripply skies this evening!  I do like a good sky!! 

See you soon :)


  1. The garden looks wonderful; I love the colour of the fencing.

  2. Glad you managed to get through the day. I cried in town on Saturday when I saw people buying Father's Day cards - to some it would seem ridiculous after 18 years of being without him, but these things just creep up - it can be a song, a place, a smell, a memory.
    Thinking of you and sending hugs as you approach the anniversary.
    Your garden looks fab!

    1. Ah Scarlet I know where you're coming from. Big hugs to you too - and thank you xx

  3. LOVE the trifle dish Kim - wot a great find! (Even if you will need a tanker full of custard and cream to fill it!)
    I know it's hard, but do try to concentrate on all those great fathers days...I'm certain there were many.
    Your garden is so lovely - a perfect much better than black plastic ;o)
    Sending love 'n a hug
    Rose x

    1. Thanks Rose - we think so too!! lol xx And hugs back at ya lovely lady x

  4. Whoa, that is one huge trifle bowl! LOL

    Big enough to feed an army . . . or me on a certain type of day. Sadly, don't know that our CS's around here even have anything for 4 quid anymore :(

    1. I think its about two feet deep!!

  5. Just a small snacked sized trifle bowl then? Love your garden, come and do ours anytime.

    1. I'd love to!! Let me at it!! lol


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