Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mother's just planted petunias.........


I'm not best pleased I'll have you know.

I was all poised to post pictures of my beautiful garden, interspersed with banter and witty repartee.... only to find that the majority of photographs I took today are out of flippin' focus and, quite frankly bloomin' rubbish.

How rude.

You'll have to make do with a gratuitous photograph of a plumptious petunia.  'Midnight Cowboy' is its slightly camp moniker, and it is as dark and as soft as black velvet.   I do love dark blooms.  Hopefully this will fill out now and last for most of the summer.

I shall attempt more gardening updates tomorrow - that is if I don't drop kick the camera over the fence and into the field.

Hope your weekend was a good one!


  1. I have some 'almost' black Hollyhocks; you'd like them, I'm sure.

  2. Ooh, how lovely Kim, reminds me of one of those black velvet hats they used to make boys wear in Regency times!

    Thanks for popping over to me, you're always very welcome, and the kettle's always on ...

    Love Claire xx

    1. They do don't they? They're so soft I have to keep stroking them every time I go past!


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