Saturday, 29 June 2013

Public Transport - People Watching

Don'tcha just love it?

There used to be a standing joke years ago about drawing the short straw and having to sit by "the nutter on the bus".  These days I'm sure that for every 'normal' person who boards a bus, they are matched in equal measure by 'a nutter'.

I have to catch two buses home from work and they are always a cause for amusement.  On the first one today, a young woman stumbled out of the pub just in time to see said bus sailing past her towards the bus stop.  "STOPPPP" she yelled, sprinting in a wobbly fashion alongside us and banging on the side of the bus in a rage. "STOPPPP YA BASTAAAAAARD!".   The bus driver slowed marginally and approached the bus stop at a crawl, allowing her to catch up and get on.  She got on and doubled over to catch her breath, holding her hand up at the driver and imploring him to hang on for her mates who were just drawing level with the bus.  Once on, they all wobbled their way to the back seat, whereupon a massive slurred, very loud drunken argument ensued between the three of them about who had money and who didn't, and who had 'stuff' and who was going to pay for it.  Then there was an intermission during which they all trooped down to the front to ask the driver whether they were on the right bus, had a bit of a discussion between themselves and then all trooped back again to carry on with the money-and-who-had-what-stuff conversation.

The second bus (when it FINALLY arrived nearly half an hour late - grr!) was packed full of soggy, annoyed humans, quietly steaming in the muggy fug.   Oh it was delightful.  Entertainment for this leg of the journey was a young tracksuited couple - he with a buggy with a baby not more than six months old in it and a staffy bull terrier which, rather alarmingly, had lots of pink scarring over its face, lying resignedly at his feet.  Standing opposite with an empty buggy was his girlfriend.  She was having a ranty conversation on her mobile phone and every so often glaring at her other half in an accusing fashion and nodding at him to underline whatever point she was trying to make.  He reciprocated by continually telling her to shut the eff up.  Their beautiful blonde haired toddler son was standing on a seat gazing into space, seemingly oblivious to his parents' heated interaction.  The poor little mite quite honestly looked hollow eyed and sad, with dark shadows beneath his eyes.   When they got off the bus, Mum yanked him unceremoniously over the seat by his arm whilst continuing with her phone call.  I've not stopped thinking about the little lad all night if I'm honest, wondering what sort of life he has.   I do hope he's okay.   I hope they're all ok.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that they're probably not.


  1. The second bus story makes me worried too; a case for social services methinks.

    My old friend Puffin (back in the UK) died on a bus. People thought he was simply asleep, but when he went round the circuit for the fourth time the driver realised that something wasn't quite right. I actually think that Puffin himself would have been amused!

  2. Oh Kim, I love people watching too, when it's entertaining, but not when you witness something like that, and there's not a thing you can do about it. Why do these people have children, when all they see them as is inconvenient, and just carry on their selfish lives oblivious to the needs of them? Feel very sad now about the way the world is today ...

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Claire xxx

  3. Take it from me, You are going to love Glastonbury....


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