Tuesday, 1 January 2013

All is quiet on New Year's Day

Pod update

Well actually it wasn't - cos it never is here in this house!  We had visitors in the form of Mum and then a friend popped by for a cuppa.  Coupled with the dog trampling in and out of the garden like an obsessive blue arsed fly, Lovely Man in and out doing noisy MAN FINGS to my shed with his drill and jigsaw and electric screwdriver,  KTT clattering up and down the stairs in search of coffee and food on the hour every hour, and DD and her boyfriend in and out and about on various shopping trips., the house is only just settling down to chill out time!  Love it though!!  Love our happy, full of love, crazy, loud house! (But so appreciate it when it's quiet too!).

Profound conversation of the day

My friend asked me what I was wishing for 2013.  I answered quite honestly that I have absolutely no expectations.  I will live, as always, from day to day and take things as they come. From experience, if you look forward too far then you set yourself up for falls and disappointments.  In my book, it is better to tread gently into the future and embrace each day for the gift it is.   I accept that is great to have things to look forward to, be it a holiday or a treat;   but if you live for the day, instead of yearning constantly for tomorrow you won't miss experiences and opportunities along the way.   Just my opinion.  I'd rather be happy in the here and now. :)

A Crafty Make

I managed to sneak in a little crafting time earlier and made a card for a dear friend of mine  I bought the stamp very cheaply for just £1.00 at the NEC fair a couple of months ago, as well as a coordinating pad of 6 x 6 papers (also £1!).  The collection is called The London Line by Helz Cuppleditch.  I've not really been a 'stamper' before but I quite enjoyed using my Promarkers to colour in the stamped image. After matting the image up and then adhering to the card itself and grunging up the edges,  I was quite pleased with the end result.  Methinks I shall be trying that one again!

Don't Cry

If you're back at work tomorrow then believe me I am totally feeling your pain right now. I'm just in that limbo stage of trying to stretch every last minute out of the festive break and I'm clock watching anxiously as my holiday time seeps through my clutches.  Ah well.  Don't cry because it's over - smile because it happened.

Yeah right!

Breathe deep lovely people.

Bright blessings to you all


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  1. Great looking card. I've tried stamping but seem to make a mess every time, so I'm impressed if that's your first attempt. Nice one.


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