Friday, 25 January 2013

Spam Spam Spam Spam

Y'know - there is nothing that makes my heart swell more than an email alert on my BlackBerry which tells me that I have a blog comment.  

And there is nothing that makes it deflate like a 7 day old party balloon upon opening up the email to see that an  "anonymous" comment has been left which usually confirms that the Spammers are out in force again telling me how interesting my writing is, waffling on in poor English then pointing me in the direction of their rubbish websites.  

I get around 20 each day.  In fact I get more spam than blog comments.  :(   It drives me nuts.  Thankfully I am able to moderate the comments before they got posted.  I know its the nature of the beast when posting publicly but I so wish that there was a programmed response which recognised them, blocked their power to send anything and for good measure sent them a huge "EFF the EFF ORFF" message by way of response. 

There's only one decent thing to do with spam. 

Make it into a big bloody fritter!

Yours, rantingly

K xxx


  1. Probably tempting fate here but so far we've had absolutely no spam at all, tinned or written! Maybe the idea of blogging bears scares spammers off!

  2. Hi Kim, I was all spammed out too until I banned anonymous comments - they've all stopped :o) I reckoned if someone genuine wanted to comment they'd find a way round it.
    Stay safe and warm this weekend.
    Rose H

  3. I have very few (fingers crossed), so a quick 'delete' solves the problem without too much hair tearing. My main grievance is that they are so boring and predictable.

  4. Mmmmmmm. Spam fritters! :)

    I guess I've been lucky (fingers crossed, touch wood, close my eyes and turn round three times) because I don't get a lot of blog spam.

    On the other hand, I get about 10 texts a day saying I can claim back PPI!

  5. I no longer allow people to get in touch with me, saves on the spam. When they find your blog and leave spam there, most of us find ticking the box ID or using the word verification (hateful thing) often works.

  6. oh how I empathise!! These days I dont get any (tempting fate with that methinks,,) but ticking to decline anonymous comments seems to have done the trick.
    BH x
    (now strangely peckish for a spam fritter though...)

  7. Thanks so much everyone - I've followed your advice and hit the block key I never knew was there! Touch wood I haven't had a single anonymous post. Wonderful bloggie friends you are xx


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