Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowy Saturday

Howdydoody everyone!

So - this snow malarkey!!  Ah it's verrrry pretty when you don't have to go anywhere and can just sit and look at it isn't it?!    

My sun-man bird feeder  made me laugh yesterday - it looks like he's about to blow  that snow off his hands!

Harvey and I had a bit of a yomp yesterday - he adores the snow and dives into it with his front paws sliding underneath it - very funny to see.  He would be out all day in it if we let him.  I'm sure he must have some husky in him.    I got very frustrated trying take decent pics of him though - he's just too much of a live wire.  Most of the photographs look like this:-

How rude!

These, however, were a couple of lucky shots!

He's looking very handsome in that last one isn't he?!  Good job you can't smell him - he bloomin' stinks.  Methinks a bath is required tomorrow!

Bins with snow caps!


I don't think our neighbours planned to go very far!

Hope your thermals are keeping your extremities toastie!  

See you soon x


  1. Harvey has grown up to be a beautiful dog, I did laugh tho, ours were the same when they were younger, I have a drawer full of grey-blur pics!

    1. He's a nightmare! He's never still when he's outside! x

  2. Ours all melted yesterday, now the bloody stuff is falling again..... I can hardly believe it!!!!

    1. it hasn't stopped here today on top of what we had on Friday. Very very fine but lying and freezing. Eek!

  3. Ooh Kim, you look well and truly snowed in! We have missed it so far, thankfully, I'm a bit bah humbug when it comes to snow!

    Have fun

    Lve Claire xxx

    1. I don't mind it when I don't have to go out - Tuesday however will be a different matter!!


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