Sunday, 6 January 2013

Scrapping Sunday

Hello there

A very warm welcome to my new followers AJ and Monalisa - many thanks indeed for becoming followers of my whitterings.  :)

There's not much to report from Peapodland right now.  I went back to work last Wednesday so my days were taken up in the latter part of the week with the mundane goings on of a law firm.  Move along there - nothing to see!!

Project Shed-pod is coming along nicely, with the insulation and cladding all but finished.  The painting can start then and after that, the flooring and shelving.  And then I can bliddy well get in there and do stuff!!

As there is a dearth of photographs to share from the last few days, I thought I'd share some scrapbooking layouts with you which I created at the Cardinal Colours retreat back in September.  Please excuse the shocking picture quality.  I've decided that the GE X5 really is the most rubbishest (!) of cameras known to man. I've tried very hard to love this camera but truth be told  I'm so disappointed with the picture quality - particularly those taken indoors.  It takes about 20 shots of the same subject to get once half decent one.  The macro function is awful.  The focus is terrible and the lag in taking an actual photograph is far too lengthy.  I'm really not impressed and shall be looking to replace it as soon as possible.  Photography is a hobby of mine and I do like taking close up shots which this camera doesn't cope with very well at all.

Anyway - I digress.

Shocked, aren't you?!

Here are the layouts then.

It's quite difficult I find to create teenage boy layouts without them looking too 'girly'.  This was a scraplift from a magazine (so sorry I can't remember who to credit :( ) but I found that the simple lines of the circles and 'ribbons' worked well on a simple grunged up white sheet of card stock.  Rather than use flowers (heaven forbid!) I used a red button on some chipboard shapes to give a bit of interest but kept this one very simple apart from the patterned papers.

This one was adorned with buttons and twine, some black ric-rac, sticker letters and some copper letters I'd had in my stash for about 8 years!

Sticker letters cunningly chosen to match the Motorhead font on his tee-shirt!  (It's not just thrown together yer know!!)

I was pleased with this embellishment which I created by covering a chipboard shape with some chalk ink, and then covering it in diamond glaze which gave it a porcelain-like quality.  Blue cabachon glass stones were kindly donated by a friend at the crop.   I also covered the little hearts with some iridescent stickles to 'pop' them a little.  

And finally, just a very simple layout with the photograph matted up on onto some contrasting card stock, then onto a beautiful piece of Kanban card which I had 'glittered' a little.  Matting and layering on to more card stock was all it needed really.  

So there you go - Its only taken me three months to show you!  If you click on the photographs, hopefully the should enlarge a little.  

Have a good week!  


  1. I'm loving these.

    I know what you mean about doing 'boy-type' stuff. I needed to do something a couple of months back and couldn't believe how many birds and butterflies I had in my collections! I need to shop for craft supplies that are less girly!

  2. Thank you! I know it's crazy what you collect over time. It wasn't so bad when when he was tiny but now he's a strapping 14 year old flowery and fluffy just won't do!

  3. Replies
    1. Why thank you very much! How kind x

  4. Hello talented! :)

    Not sure what type of camera an GE X5 is, but thought I'd let you know that I luv, luv, luv the Canon Powershot SX40 HS that I got for my birthday. Wasn't crazy about the thought of a "bridge" camera, but OH talked me into it. Just need to spend some time going through settings . . . mostly I've left it on auto until now.

    Think it's sort of mid-range on the camera scale so if you're looking for point & shoot or way up the other way, 'scooze. lol


    1. Hello yourself!

      The type of camera is a rubbish one! lmao!! Thank you for telling me about yours - any pointers are gratefully received. I've heard good reports about the Canon too. I'm lusting after a Panasonic Lumix 12 x optical zoom. I used to borrow Dad's all the time and got some great results. xx

  5. How lovely to see you scrapbooking again with such fab results! I look forward to seeing what you produce once "Shedpods" is up and functional! :D x


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