Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekend Catch Up

Hello Bloglies

Just a quick post from me to assure you that I'm still alive and will be back to full blogging duties again very shortly - we're just dealing with family stuff right now which is a little distracting to say the least.

We've had a busy old week though - last weekend Lovely Man and I went awol and treated ourselves to lunch at a splendiferous Chinese restaurant on Brindley Place in Birmingham.  We then travelled over to Birmingham Airport where we checked into the Ibis hotel for the evening (Late Rooms cheapie special), then took ourselves over to the NEC (ok - new fangled LG Arena but it will always be the NEC to me!) to see the awesomely heavy Rammstein.  My rock chick roots were showing I can tell you.  We had a fantastic evening and as well as watching an INSANE pyro show and all the usual gubbins which goes with seeing a metal band, we did a huge amount of people watching too.  One of THE most diverse of demographics I've seen in a while!!  It was great not to have to queue for hours to get off the car park, nor to spend ages waiting for trains/buses/taxi's back home.  We simply caught the sky shuttle back to our hotel to sleep on the hardest mattress known to man!!  Ah we had no complaints really - we awoke to an 'all you can eat' breakfast of a decent quality and seriously good coffee which is always a bonus.  After a chill out in our room (hey you have to make the most of these things - only check out when you absolutely have to!!) for another couple of hours, we made our way back in to Brum centre and meandered around in the sunshine, window shopping for a while before heading home.  A truly lovely weekend on our own which recharged our batteries perfectly.

Unusually for me my social calendar has been very busy of late.  In total contrast to Rammstein - on Thursday I took my Mum to watch an amateur operatic society perform their annual 'Gotta Sing Gotta Dance' show which featured songs from the musicals! 

Friday evening was a trip out to the local balti house with some workmates to partake of a chicken passanda , puffy naan breads as big as tablecloths, and several glasses of pink stuff whilst we put the working world to rights.

Won't have done any good though.  Guaranteed that no magic wand will have been waved over the weekend and the place will still be there radiating malevolence tomorrow morning!  


See you soon!


  1. Why is it that so many UK workplaces are so unpleasant. One would have thought that 'bosses' would have realised by now that happy workers are efficient workers. I don't know if this applies to you, but it sounds as if it may!

    At least your weekend was a ball.

  2. Ha!

    The eclectic lives of Kim & Co. lol

  3. glad youre ok, was beginning to worry about the absence!

    Leanne x

  4. Cro I totally agree - I can never understand it. If I'm happy then I will go the extra mile to ensure that that I'm working to maximum capacity - because I'm not - then I'm afraid that it's only 9 - 5 they'll get out of me and I shall take my full lunch hour. That was unheard of years ago. I have no respect nor dedication left.

    Hiya K - Yup - that's us!! lol

    Hey Leanne - bless ya - yes I'm still here living life in a whirlwind!! lol x


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