Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snugglesome Saturday

Hello there!!  Thank you to everyone who visits my little blogeroo -you're all very welcome!!  I'd love to hear from you - so if you feel inclined to do so, leave me a little comment and a link to your blog.  I love discovering new ones.

Today has gone exactly as planned.  A little housey-work here, a little relaxing there.  Some daydreaming out of the window watching the birds foraging in the frost hardened garden.  Blimey it's been cold.  The temperature has refused to drag itself above freezing for most of the day.  Poor Man of mine is a night worker and he tells me that it was -7 in the warehouse last night. Brrr!!  Luckily he'd taken a couple of pies to heat up in the microwave at work so at least he was able to warm up his  inner central heating system slightly mid-way through the night!!  Last Friday the temp sank to -9 and the food he'd taken with him had frozen by the time he came to eat it! 

Diva Daughter and I had some snuggly time this morning.  She tends to stay at her boyfriend's house most evenings now and so any time we spend together is precious.  We sorted out 5 huge bin bags full of surplus clothes ranging from baby clothes to clothes that I'm shrinking out of.  A little shop has opened not far from here which apparently pays £5.00 per 10kilo bag.  We've dutifully weighed them all to make sure they fit the criteria and DD and her boyfriend will take them on Monday for us.  I could of course fill some of the ubiquitous charity bags which pile up on my door mat on a weekly basis but with respect I've given soooo much stuff to charity over the years - and times is hard.  At the very least the WF (wedding fund!) coffers will benefit from a few extra pounds. 

Me lovely bezzie mate popped for coffee this afternoon and we had a long over due catch up and a big cuddle after I'd shared my woes with her.  Her calm rationality as usual acted as a salve to my PMT-ing stressy-head and she's made me realise that I  probably haven't done anything wrong per se  - it's just that it seems this other friendship has simply run its course.  She's right of course (as usual). I need to build a bridge and get over it. Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened and other assorted  twee references.

The chooks were put to bed early this evening in anticipation of another cold evening, fortified with warm porridge and sweetcorn.  I'm hoping that it sticks to their ribs as well as it stuck to their beaks!!

I have to share this random recipe with you.  Now bear with me on this one because it sounds hideous!!  It's.... steady there.... Mushy Pea Curry!  Another concoction from those wonderful  Slimming World people!  I think every club member has their own way of tweaking this to their tastes, but mine is:  1 x tin baked beans, 1 x tin tomatoes, chopped fresh peppers, onions and mushrooms, 2  x tins mushy peas.  3 x Oxo 'Curry' cubes.(the ones in the delightfully retro box!!).   Simply dry fry the onions, peppers and mushrooms, then whack everything else in and simmer away for around 30 mins.  You can either leave this as it is or blend it to produce a lovely smooth curry sauce.  I was incredibly trepidatious when trying this but was intrigued as so many of our class members rave about it.  It's lovely!!   For the carnivores amongst you then chuck in some chopped up cooked chicken.  Now don't be turning yer noses up before you've given it a go!! I had this tonight with some syn free chips and it was really tasty and it makes loads!  Carnivore Man agreed - although he'd already eaten sausages just in case his meat levels dropped! hee hee..

I suppose if you were reaaaaaaaaallly childish and puerile (me) you could possibly cast aspersions that consuming such foodstuffs may result in nocturnal digestive rumblings. 

Well it's cold!  And times is hard. 

And we've no electric blanket.




  1. Hope you're feeling better Kim. My OH leaves for work at 3.30am each day so I understand the chill in the night. Selling your stuff is great, and as you say the WF needs the help.
    I'm glad you've sorted your feelings out about your 'friend', I had much the same type of thing happen several years ago and occasionally still puzzle 'why?' but have long since moved on, and am happier for it.
    Is'nt it great to have such a good relationship with your dear daughter :o)
    Sorry, but you really cannot tempt me with the recipe as I really do hate curry (yes, I know I'm odd!) But, I'm quite pleased not to share the digestive rumblings! ;o)
    Enjoy Sunday
    Rose H

  2. Is this a new UK High Street trend? One always wonders with who, and where, our old clothes end up. Africa, I imagine.

    One of my favourite 'simple' meals is the classic Indian Rice and Dhal. So cheap, so simple, and so cleansing. I imagine your recipe would be quite similar.

  3. mushy pea curry?? (where's that little 'eek' emoticon when you need him!!) Think I'll pass kim, but thanks anyway!! :-)

    Leanne x

  4. Had a right old belly laugh at that last bit, thanks Kim :)


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