Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Reluctant Hyacinth

BOING!!  BOING!!!   Come on girls - it's nearly Spring!! 

OI!  Cynth  - you're lagging behind!

Shurrup you daft Daffies - It's bloomin' freezin out there.  I'm not coming out yet so there!

Photograph of no relevance whatsoever but just wanted so show you my lovely ceramic nodding leaves which were a bargaintastic fiver from the Christmas Gift Fair at the NEC last year.  I wish I'd bought loads more now cos they look fab nodding gently on their springy necks above the flowers.

Good job I took these pics yesterday cos today everything is snow covered!  

Happy Saturday 


  1. I've got a few reluctant daffs, but I expect they'll be snow covered by this evening.

  2. Mine are all covered in snow too.
    Love the quivering leaves :o)
    Believe it or not I have the most magnificent forced hyacinth in full bloom in the house, and once again I'm full of cold and CANNOT smell it at all :o(
    Keep warm Kim
    Rose H


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