Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hurting ...Healing ... Moving on

I'm a little out of sorts this evening. 

I've learned that no matter how good a friend someone is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while, and you have to forgive them for that...

So difficult to forgive though when you don't know why they've hurt you in the first place.

This weekend will be spent amongst my beautiful family and hopefully the dent in my equilibrium will heal as I throw myself into the usual household malarkey and count my blessings.

Turning to more positive things now.  We have booked our wedding venue! 

We have looked at a number of places including stately homes, chain hotels and barns and have been completely appalled by the ridiculous prices they charge.  Basic 'all in' packages initially look ok - but woe betide you if you have additional guests or require something out of the ordinary and an additional £50 - £70 per guest is required on top of what you're paying.  No thanks!!  We simply don't have £10,000 to spend on a wedding breakfast and even if we did - then we wouldn't!! (still with me?!! )

Neither of us 'do' church so our ceremony will be held in a Registry Office.  Unfortunately we can't book that until exactly 12 months before the date we need so that means waiting for a good few months before we can firm that up. 

We've found a lovely rural village hall not too far away from here which was only opened this time last year.  It's a lottery funded new build, very easy on the eye and the hire charges are within our extremely limited budget.

We're a little unconventional - as you regular readers will know(!) - and so we're thinking of hiring a vintage fish and chip van to cater for guests in the afternoon, and then a hog roast in the evening. So that's the plan in very basic terms - but by heck do we have some saving to do as we have zero capital right now.  Belts will have to be tightened to spine snapping proportions but we're confident that we can do it.  We're going to sell what we don't need, I shall have to really push my chocolate bouquets and frugal measures of an extreme nature shall have to be taken. 

Bring it on!!!

I've sold an old Blackberry and a bouquet today!!  The pot is £55 richer already. Long may the momentum continue!  It's a free listing weekend on Ebay - guess I know what I'll be doing then! 

Now then - who'll start the bidding for a loony 14 month old Collie?!  ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Oh Kim, I have no idea what's happened with your friend - But you're right put it behind you - keep calm and carry on!
    Sorry you're under the weather too, antibiotics'll soon sort you out, in the meantime pamper yourself a bit.
    Love the idea of the village hall with a fish 'n chip van, and a hog roast sounds superb. We married at the registrar's almost 34 years ago and not for one day have I regretted our decision. I'm afraid the idea of spending £1000's for 'the day' has always seemed obscene to me, far better to put that money into your home and rest of your life together.
    Sending a virtual [[hug]]
    Rose H

    1. Hello lovely Rose... I totally agree about the keeping calm and carry on. My first marriage was in a registry office and very low budget too - we still had a lovely day. I'm with you on the obscene amount of money to be spent on the day. There's no need at all.. as long as you and your partner are happy then that's all that matters.

  2. Sorry about your friend Kim. It obviously hurts!

    How about a woodland wedding? Bluebells maybe? Then it's just the registrar's fee. Al fresco fish-n-chips would be good too. The only problem would be choosing the right day in advance...Hmmm.

    I was married in the registrar's office in Gibraltar (just after John and Yoko). The cost was minimal.... no drunk uncles.... and we went for a swim afterwards.

    I'm with Rose H; spending huge amounts of money on a 'signature' is sinful. And doing things YOUR way will be far more memorable!

    1. A woodland wedding sounds just up my street. like you say tho its difficult to choose the right day - and the one thing you can't rely upon is Mama Nature eh?! lol Your wedding sounds wonderful!

  3. If I were doing it again, I would vote for a hand-fasting at the top of Glastonbury Tor!

    Your plan sounds good, I'm sure it will be a wonderful day. Is it fancy dress? :-D

    1. Oh that sounds wonderful. We're thinking of Glastonbury for our honeymoon. :) No - no dressing up really - I didn't have a wedding dress first time around so this time I'm planning on something long and elegant. Elegant that is until I get into it!! lol

  4. congrats on booking your venue! always an exciting bit! Planning is great fun, albeit stressful at times, but likely you'll look back and wish you could do it all over again! Sometimes with friends (no matter how close) there comes a time to cut free. I had to do that with a close friend (was going to be Chief bridesmaid)over the wedding. She wanted things her way regards to my wedding, and couldn't understand why I was so upset over her behaviour. needless to say she got told and we no longer speak. Its hard, and I hope you get over the upset and concentrate on all the wonderful stuff ahead for you!
    BH x

    1. Hello there!! Thanks for your lovely comment. The friends in question have suddenly decided that I'm past my sell by date it seems. Hey ho :) I'm very hurt by their actions but the fact that I have something lovely to look forward to is taking the pain away a little. btw... How dare people want to control YOUR wedding. I will never understand that - surely they can see that it's not up to them to make any decisions about your big day ;)


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