Monday, 12 March 2012

Goings On

Howdee doody!

This week I 'ave mostly been:-

Attending a 'fashion show' at a Church Hall whereupon the roof did not fall down around my ears and I bought a green M&S top for £2.  Rawk an' flippin Roll!!!

Getting increasingly annoyed at the woman on the Perle du Lait yoghurt advert and her ridiculous enunciation of "LAYdeez".  Makes me teeth itch!

Admiring my photographs of  a spark surrounded Till Lindemann on stage a couple of weeks ago.

Going to a local venue to see a Specials/Madness tribute band, boogying the night away (I just can't stand still when there's Ska playing!), people watching, loving the fact that I'd never before witnessed more men than women dancing in one place, sniggering childishly at the sax player's very apparent lack of undercrackers, being hugged, kissed on the cheek and told 'it's really GREAT to see you' by a random bloke of unknown identity who obviously knew me back in the mists of time.  Or school perhaps.  Hum. 

Waking up the following morning feeling like I needed a double hip replacement and realising that shaking a booty the size of a number 10 bus for a sustained period of two hours really wasn't one of my better ideas.

Smiling at my very tall daffies nodding in the sunshine, which are now coming into bloom in the raised bed planter - then frowning and pouting as I realised that every single one of them is facing away from the house.  How very rude!

Moving boxes away from the wall in the brick built outhouse thingie to find humungous black spiders the size of saucers and wearing 12 hole Doc Marten boots lying in wait.  Retiring (at a speed not usually associated with ladies of such Reubenesque proportions) to the house where I had an attack of the vapours, felt sick for at least an hour and realised that I really do not care very much for any arachnid bigger than a pin head.

Dragging Wondrous Man out of bed at stupid o' clock on Sunday morning to accompany me to a bric a brac fayre (natch!) where we attempted to make our fortune selling on my old Partylite products and assorted books.  8 hours later we emerged blinking into the sunlight clutching fists full of... erm... well... not much really.  We took £19.  The stall cost £12.  We had four styrofoam cups of coffee each during the day at 50p each.  Oh.  That'll be £3.00 profit then. 

Stop.    Laughing!!!!

I love my life!!

OH!!  To cheer me up, Man sneakily purchased this hare for me as he'd seen my eyes light up when I spotted it being unpacked earlier in the day.  It's a Heartwood Ridge March Hare by Jim Shore. 
Makes my heart go all hippity hoppity!!

Mercury's gorn retrograde again.  The varmint. 

I predict a riot!!



  1. Moon stompin' Cro would have joined you (were he able). Ska is my bag; Skaville my home town!

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I hate those wretched Perle du Lait people too.

  2. Love the hare! I had to laugh at your lack of profit, we've done that so many times LOL

    I am lucky enough to be spared the annoying yoghurt lady as we have no TV. Times like this I'm so glad!

  3. Ah Kath I envy you!!! I could quite happily do without tv and switch it off at most given opportunity!

    Moonstomping Cro!! Love it!

  4. oooh! i love your hare!! lucky girl!!

    Leanne x


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