Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Head Clearing and "Secret" Gardens

As some of my regular readers will know, my back garden gate opens out on to open farm land and we consider ourselves to be very lucky in having a wealth of lovely paths around the fields on which to walk Harvey the Hooligan Hound.    I've been 'off the hooks' for the last couple of days and so have been confined to home.  Whilst yesterday was spent moping and hibernating, today I felt the need for fresh air and open spaces and so H and I took ourselves off for an hour. 

It's been quite foggy here in the Black Country for a few days now.  The trees have been shrouded in mizzly mist and the air feels heavy and damp.  Whilst it's not freezing, there's a rawness in the air which gives no indication that Spring is just around the corner. 

I get so cross with digital cameras.  The lag on them and lack of decent focus for close work even when in macro mode drives me insane.  I've more or less given up with trying to photograph anything other than landscape shots with that posh new GE that Charl got me for my birthday last year as it simply doesn't cope with close ups.  I've borrowed my Dad's Panasonic Lumix this last week or so and I'm still not getting the shots I'm looking for on macro setting. Out of about 20 shots, this was the best of a bad lot!  It's so frustrating.  What cameras do you have bloggy peeps? 

I enjoyed our walk despite the fact that due to my not feeling 100%, it felt like I was dragging my sluggish
body around for most of it. 

The hedgerow birds were in fine voice; the blackbirds diving here and there, shrieking their annoyance at our intrusion, and scaring me half to death as they did so!  I watched the instantly recognisable dipping and swooping flight of a couple of blue tits down in the corner of the field as they flew towards one of the hawthorn bushes.   A little further down the path you can hear the chuntering of some chickens in a garden a few doors away from us.  We used to hear a very vociferous cockerel but he's been conspicuous by his silence of late - methinks he may have been moved on!! Although I couldn't see him today, I also heard the plaintive call of one of the many buzzards we have in the area.   On a clear day it's not unusual to see two or three of them wheeling around above the house.  Harvey loves to chase the ubiquitous crows.  They tease him relentlessly, waiting until he is almost within snapping distance then taking off and fluttering down to land just a few feet further away.  Call me odd if you like (ok, ok, I know that's an open invitation for abuse!) I love to hear the crows.  It's such a countryside sound and reminds me so much of one of my favourite children's tv programmes, Worzel Gummidge!  I wanted to live in that very village when I was younger!

Ahem.  Moving on.

I also have a 'thing' about secret gardens.  My imagination is far too vivid for its own good sometimes.  I was looking at the row of garden gates as I wandered back towards home.

I love how each one is different; each one opening out onto the same vista, but opening inwards on to who knows what?  I wonder what lies behind these back garden gates?  Orderly borders or wildernesses of wildflowers?  Gangs of garden gnomes or elegant statues?  Chickens coops or pigeon pens?  

Can you guess which one leads in to Peapods? 

 We had a welcoming committee chorus when we got back.  Betty was most affronted.

And just WHERE do you think you've been?  Gallivanting off when there's feeding requirements to be attended to!
See you soon!


  1. thick fog here too, I have hardly glimpsed the tor this week.
    I agree, nothing as fascinating as a secret garden! Ours was like that when we came but we have had to clear it, because it is over run with brambles. Hopefully when they're banished I can start replanting.

  2. Sorry to read you've been 'off colour' Kim - hope you're feeling much better now. Looks like a lovely walk despite the mist. I'm guessing your garden gate is either number 2 or 4. I wish we had a secret garden gate too ;o)
    Rose H

  3. No 1 or 4.

    I have a Fujifilm finepix AX200 12 mega things. Cheap, simple, small, and efficient. I keep saying I'd like something a bit more expensive, but would it really do the job any better?

  4. Well! Are you going to tell us? It's now the 16th, and I'm becoming anxious!


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