Friday, 16 March 2012

Ya Get Me Blud?

So.  I'm 44 years old.  I must have had about 20 blood tests or more over the years and I've had two pregnancies.  So my GP would be able to tell me what blood group I am, yes?

Well, erm...



He couldn't.  "It's not something we'd keep on file as a general rule.  You may find it on your hand held pregnancy notes".

Well.... my last pregnancy was 14 years ago.  I haven't a clue where they are or even if I still have them.  I can't remember for the life of me whether it was on the notes or not. 

When I went for my last blood test just last month, the phlebotomist was surprised that my blood group wasn't on my records.  I asked her whether she could put it on my results.  No she couldn't as the GP hadn't requested it.  (pauses to roll eyes in a dramatic fashion).    Her advice was to 'Give Blood.  They have to check your blood group".  Well... one thing I would dearly LOVE to do is actually Give Blood.  But given that it always takes at least seven attempts to get anything more than a slow trickle of the red stuff into a test tube from me, I'm not sure that they'd want me!

I do think it's daft that such a fundamental part of your biological makeup isn't deemed important enough to keep on your medical notes as a matter of course. 

Thoughts, people?   Is this a general thing?

Oh... and Cro........... Tis Number..............4!  


  1. I only found out after having 4 children. Apparently, they did not think it was important to tell me. BTW, my first 3 children are the same as my husband. My last was mine, 0 positive, the most common blood type there is.

  2. No 4; good! Both of us (who guessed) were right. It has your look about it.

    How about a tiny blood group tattoo, somewhere discreet?

  3. The only reason I know mine is because I still have the card they gave me when I had our daughter....30 years ago! (I'm O+ too)

  4. A pos here..I am a regular blood donor, up to 27 pints now I think it is....

    Leanne x


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