Monday, 19 March 2012

Weekend Round Up.

Evening all

(bends knees with arms behind back in a policeman styley)

I do hope all of you Yummy Mummies out there have been spoilt rotten today. I know I have. I received two lovely bright polyanthus plants which will be planted in the raised bed amongst the ignorant daffodils(!) (Y'know - the ones that have all turned about face and refuse to look towards the kitchen window!),  a GORGEOUS Wiccan trinket box in the shape of an acorn and some perfume from my two Wondrous Offspring, together with a 'Green Man' china mug from Lovely Man.  We've had a pretty full on day; shopping this morning as we didn't go yesterday, then this afternoon was spent making lasagne and brownies for a family tea.  My Dad wasn't feeling too good today so didn't visit as arranged, but Mum and my little Bro came around and we had a really lovely evening eating yummy food and playing lots of daft games, sharing giggles and family time.  We've been dealing with some family angst of late and this close, carefree time was very much needed and appreciated.  Some times it's the little things isn't it?

Yesterday was pretty busy too.  Whilst LM was asleep, I took the HTH for a good old yomp over the fields.  I walked a little further than usual and noticed that some trees had been cleared from an area of one of the fields which had opened up a little clearing. 

This is the view from the other side - see how it forms a natural 'pool' shape? 

I spotted bullrushes growing and imagine that this area was once a natural pond or bog area.  

 Spring certainly is beginning to show itself now; acid green spears of bluebell leaves are well above ground.

Tiny celandines push their starry little faces towards the weak sunshine.  

The willows are in bud....

Pushing a little further along our walk, I walked through another little clearing and found this amazing fallen tree - just look at the colours of the lichen on this - and fungi too!  I spent ages just looking at this fella!

Oh and this one - which reminded me of a graceful gymnast doing a backward bend.....

Seems like other people like this little area too according to the telltale ash remains of a fire.  Shame they can't bloody well clear up after themselves too.  Beer cans and bottles everywhere.  I didn't have anything with me to clear it up - it makes me so cross to see this. 

But mad as HELL to see this.     

This  is appalling.  Just lazy, disgraceful and disrespectful!!  This little patch of ground which is simply the opening to a field is a prime spot for fly tipping and there's usually a few bin bags strewn around which are tidied up at regular intervals by, I assume, the local Council - but this takes the biscuit!!  There's a whole bathroom just dumped at the side of the road!!  Unbelievable.  I'd like to gather up the whole lot and dump it back on the responsible person's front lawn. 

And breathe.

Moving on....

My ikkle boy has been attending a music course for the last ten weeks.  Music inspires him; it's his life and I'm so glad that he shares my passion for it.  He's been learning how to play the bass guitar.  The course culminated in a little 'gig' yesterday, where the student groups took to the stage to play two songs each.  They did so well to say that none of them had any prior musical knowledge and I was so very proud to see him playing like a pro, checking the amps and all the other malarkey which goes along with being a rock god!

Look at the concentration on that little face!!

Guess what he wants for his birthday?!! 


Hope your weekend was jam packed too!!

Much love


  1. A photo of the bath should be published on the front page of your local rag, with the question 'Do you recognise this bath?'. Someone must have had it recently removed, then the b*stard plumber could be caught and fined! DISGRACE.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Kim, it's just a shame that some unspeakable folk leave their unwanted 'items' about. I agree with Cro on the bath.
    The wiring sheath no doubt has been ripped off (read nicked) something and the copper taken for scrap value. There's still some very sad money-grabbing folk about that wouldn't know an honest days work if it jumped up and bit them......
    Rose H

  3. your lad reminds me so much of my boy when he was about 15. He went to study music at collegee, played base and his band won the area regional final for battle of the bands. From little acorns...

    Go little Peapod, I'll get your autograph when you cut your first disc xx


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