Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This week ...

I shall mostly be:-

Lunching with work colleagues - Tomorrow is a 'Costa Coffee and Cake Catch-up', Thursday is 'Someone's leaving to have a baby, any excuse for pizza buffet luncheon' and last but not least there's a  'F*** it, it's Friday' gossip session in the pub.    Sounds good to me!

Having tea with Mum, whereupon I shall be spoilt rotten and leave two hours later needing an elastic band to hold the button on my skirt.

Meeting my bestie for Mexican Night at a local hostelry.  See above. One Tequila. Two Tequila. Three Tequila. Floor.  Actually that's a lie - I've never touched the stuff and don't intend to start now!  The same cannot be said for some pretty awesome quesadillas however!

Trying to pluck up courage after 28 years to take some refresher lessons in order to start driving again.  I passed my test first time when I was 18 - I've not driven since.  Massive driving fail on my part methinks. Gawd I'm nervous.  Terrified in fact.  But I MUST do this.  I owe it to myself.

Packaging stuff up to post to my E of Bayness auction winners.  I've found out that it's extremely easy to use the app on my iPhone to list things so whilst I was tidying up my craft shed last week, I listed some stuff that was just sitting around taking up space.  To my amazement people have placed bids on most of it!  This is good news for my almost defunct Paypal account!

Trying to plan a 50th birthday for him indoors.  Its not until August and I had intended on it being a surprise one - until he announced that he wanted a big party for his 50th and asked his daughter to look into finding a venue for it. No more surprises then!  Doh!

 Attending my first Samaritans training day.  I was very happy to find out that I'd been selected last week and am very much looking forward to beginning my training journey.

Phew that's a busy old week!  I think I need a lie down!

Hope your week is packed full of good things too! xx


  1. Hi Kim, you have had a busy week! The buffets and meetings with Mum all sound good stuff, and it's nice to have a blowout once n a while!

    Be glad, very glad that you don,t have to plane a surprise party! They're a nightmare ... I did one for my sister, she was a pain and kept saying that she knew something was afoot! I was a nervous wreck and won't ever do one again ...

    Thanks for coming to visit me earlier, I love it whe.
    N you drop in!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Sounds as if you have a busy week but lots of fun too.

  3. Can't you just take the car out to some 'disused airfield', and scoot around for a bit. I'm sure it's like riding a bike; you never really forget how it's done. Good luck.

    p.s. If you've managed to live for 28 years without driving; I call that VERY LUCKY.

  4. Sounds a fab week! Friends, family, coffee and loads of food, lol. Enjoy m''dear :)

  5. an elastic band to hold the button on my skirt.

    Great tip :-D

  6. That is fantastic news about the Samaritans Kim. You will make a huge difference to peoples's lives


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