Friday, 14 March 2014

Foggy Friday


A warm welcome to The Vintage Kitten and to Vada Wetzel, my new followers.  Lovely to see you here! *waves madly*

I woke up to a very eerie looking field this morning.  I was transfixed for a good few minutes when I should really have been getting ready for work, watching the fog roll in and out, the landscape changing constantly.

Have a look - Mists of Avalon spring to mind.  There is no tint on these photographs - just nature painting the scenery in monochrome. Sorry there's lots of photos - I couldn't stop snapping as it was changing so quickly.   Click on the photos if you want to enlarge them.

Happy weekend to you all my darlings!


  1. I like the picture with all the greenhouses (and all the others), you obviously live in a productive area.

  2. lovely photos, very atmospheric. You're not wrong about mists of Avalon, we've had very similar mists here, the last few days. I couldn't see the tor yesterday until well into the afternoon. When we went up to the woods to walk the dogs, we were watching the mist "rolling" through the trees. Eerie but somehow exciting. Or am I just odd LOL

  3. Lovely photos - I love foggy days!


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