Monday, 10 March 2014

Lunchtime Wander

Hello darlings

A HUGE welcome to two new followers The Silver Bunny and  Algodaotaodoce - Thank you so much for visiting me here in my little corner of blogland and for following my randomness.

Well today was such a beautiful blue day that I decided to take myself off on a little walk at lunch time.  I'm lucky that my office is about ten minutes walk away from the canal, so off I went, trip-trapping over the ricketty-racketty bridge, watching out for trolls as I went.  Luckily she'd stayed back at the office (tee hee) so I was safe!  I purchased a sandwich, then trip-trapped back over the ricketty-racketty bridge to sit in the sunshine and watch the world go by.

These were just two of about ten Canada Geese who were all posturing and wing flapping and 
sounding off their authority of the waterways!  

I shared my lunch with this shy little freckly headed gull!

Our department is moving to one of the buildings you can see opposite.  Methinks there will be lots of
canalside lunches in the summer!

The silver birch trunks were so white they seemed to have been bleached. 

Whilst the sunshine lit up the leaves on the dog roses.

There were lots of barges moored today.  

As I watched, this handsome fella was let out of his bargey-house and sauntered off on an adventure of his own.  

I was only there for 30 minutes or so, clearing my head, watching the world go by.  But it was lovely.

I think I'd like to live on a barge.  
And sell freshly made onion bhajis. 
From my Bhaji Barge.
Oh yes I would :)


  1. You work in a lovely area. What nice lunch hours you must have.

  2. There's something so calming about looking out onto water, whether it be a stream, canal, or the sea. I may have to barge my way past the queue to get to your barge for an onion bhaji.

  3. Isn't it fab to have some sunshine and how nice that your new workplace will be so close to the canal . . . you lucky duck! :)


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