Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Warm Weekend

Just some photographs from the weekend.

Scene at the rear of the house..........

Whilst out front this was happening .....

It was my first Samaritans' training today.  Whilst I enjoyed it, I was a little sad to be indoors all day on such a glorious Spring day. 

When I emerged late this afternoon, blinking like a mole coming out of a hill,  I admired the signs in their pretty little garden which herald the fact that the Wheel of the Year will be turning once again very soon...

Camellia in full bloom. 
Fat buds on the magnolia tree 

Delicate blossom in the palest pink. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend blossoms@


  1. fabulous photos! there have been some amazing skies recently. I'm SO happy it's stopped raining, especially there is an area not far from here, still flooded.
    How is Harvey the Hooligan? we haven't seen him for a while :-)

    1. Ah me too - it makes a nice change doesn't it? HTH is alive and well and stinking the house out at the moment cos he's been rolling in something unsavoury in the field!

  2. We saw a HUGE Magnolia in flower yesterday. Amazing.

    1. Sadly we had to cut ours down as it was completely blocking our front window - bad planting by a previous tenant I'm afraid. So sad - I hate cutting down trees but there was no other way.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I do admire you for volunteering for the Samaritans - such a worthwhile job xxx


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