Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stormy Tuesday

At 7.30am this morning, during the height of a  very bangy, crashy, flashy storm - the workmen arrived to fit our new windows and front and back doors!  They did it too!  I was very impressed to come home this evening and see the front of house totally transformed!  The work has been needed for a long time.  None of the windows were double glazed and were so ill-fitting they rattled in any more that a light breeze, and one could actually see through the gaps around the doors. This proved to be a real problem in winter as no matter how high we had the heating and in spite of door curtains and door roly poly thingies, thick window curtains and draft excluder tape around the windows, the house was always like an icebox in winter. I shall be interested to find out how much difference having had the work done makes to our heating bills this year.

I'm also wondering how long it will take for the scaffolding to be taken down!

The terrific storm we had this morning has done little to cool the air.  It has remained sultry and  muggy all day - definitely headache weather.  There was lots of flooding on the roads on the way into work, thankfully most of it had dried away by lunchtime.

On a plus point I now have five days away from the dark and gloomy place.  We're planning a staycation, but hopefully if the weather stays calm, a visit to a car boot sale tomorrow and on for some lunch at a local pub, and later in the week a visit to Kinver for the afternoon.  They say the best laid plans though........ so I'm not holding my breath!

I really don't care - I shall be here with lovely man and (if he feels like communicating) Kevin the teenager!  Just the thought of not being ruled by the alarm in the morning makes me smile!

Tonight is the first night in about 7 that we have eaten indoors.  We had friends around for bbq supper on Saturday, then Mum on Sunday.  We do enjoy having people around and the new secret garden really is a joy to sit in and chat over a glass of something cool on these balmy midsummer evenings.  Its so peaceful and private - and when the light grows dim, the little £ shop solar lights flicker into life.  The pathway to the field has now been finished and all that remains is for more plants to be planted in the last bare section of border and a small area of unused border next to the shed to be transformed with a little mosaic artwork I have in mind.

How was your Tuesday?


  1. a lot cooler after the lightning show which woke us last night. We're hoping to get our scaffold down tomorrow, we're both sick of bashing how heads, no matter how much we duck!
    I'm sure you'll notice a huge difference with your new windows. I know we did when we replaced the leaky aluminium ones that were hear when we came. The other thing that made the house warmer was the cavity wall insulation, but maybe you already have that.
    Enjoy your weeks holiday!

    1. It's still here and no sign of it moving! We do have cavity wall insulation but the gappy doors and windows negated anything that may have provided. It was very frustrating but I'm sure we'll notice a huge difference this year.

      And Thank you! I shall certainly try!!

  2. Your rattly windows brought back memories of Dave's flat when he lived in Wolverhampton - I sympathise on the cold winters! I even wrote about it once when I feeling fed up -

    Hope you have a lovely few days off, I love Kinver so I'll look forward to see a few photos if you go :)

    1. Thanks Louise - I'll try to take some photos to share :)

  3. We were promised a storm yesterday, but received no more than a VERY distant rumble of thunderette.

    1. Its forecast again for tomorrow Cro - I do love a good storm!


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