Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Afternoon Tea

Hello lovely people, and a very warm welcome to my new followers, Louise and Mumasu **waves a delicate lacy hanky in your general direction**

One was ver' posh on Saturday afternoon.  A group of us visited Dunsley Hall near Kinver to partake in afternoon tea don't you know.

It was a stunning afternoon, with clear, brilliant blue skies and temperatures approaching 80 degrees.   We decided, therefore,  to eat inside for fear of the clotted cream melting on our scones and running down our arms.  Cos that wouldn't be ver' posh at all really now  would it?

We had a lovely time, ate lots, laughed lots and then partook of a long cool drink on the terrace in the sunshine.

The tea itself comprised an assortment of sandwiches, scones, jam and cream, fruit tartlets, and a small selection of cakes accompanied by endless tea and coffee.  At £15.00 per head, it was a little extravagant, and yes you could have done it at home for a couple of quid per head - but by way of justification it was nice treat for one of our number's birthdays and so no-one minded too much.

A selection of photographs follows -

Yummy scones, jam, cream and lots of cups of (in my case) coffee!

Sarnies and fruit tarts - they looked like little faces with two blueberry eyes and strawberry mouths!

At the far end of the table were a selection of chocolate brownies and frangipan sponge squares 

I adore sea holly but have never been very successful in growing my own!

I had to send my daughter on a photography mission as the steep steps down to the terraced area/lack of hand rail/dodgy knee/crooked back combo was an accident waiting to happen - she didn't do too badly though! 

I loved this little fella!

Can you see that little white gazebo tucked up in the corner?  That's where we were sitting!

It was Pimms o'clock!

The house itself is quite historic - check out their website at HERE to have a nosey around their lovely bedrooms and rooms.

Ooh! I nearly forgot - they have alpacas too - four of them which were lying on the patio outside the ladies loos in the sun!
They'd all been shorn in time for the hot weather. 

  This one's name is Gary, though - not Shorn. Cough.  

See you soon!!



  1. By the look of your Tea, £15 per head doesn't seem excessive. It all looks delicious.

  2. it's all so delightfully British!

  3. The afternoon tea looks fab, Kim, think £15 is average ... in London I paid £36.50 at The Athenaeum, that was a special online offer ... they still whacked nearly a fiver on for service charge though!

    Lovely, sunny pics ... isn't Summer wonderful?

    Love Claire xx

    1. I've always wanted to go to the Ritz but goodness knows how much that would be!

  4. We had high tea here too on Sunday whilst watching the tennis. Love the little chap-I have enjoyed all your photos of the gargoyles etc. Erm another favourite of mine!

    1. They're great aren't they?! I've seen a lovely one online which may have to find its way here in due course!

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  6. 'waves lace hankie' made me laugh!
    I am a great advocate of the afternoon tea...often and plenty! Looks a fab day out!
    BH xx

    1. Glad I made you smile - job's a good un! ;)

  7. what a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I love the alpacas :) lots of farmers around me keep llamas and/or alpacas.

    I used to love visiting Kinver when my Dave lived in Wolverhampton (he moved up here, to me, 2 years ago, but I spent 5 years travelling down to Wolves!). I've never heard of that hall but I must remember it if I go to Kinver again.

    1. It's a great little village isn't it? Its a pain to get to for us as we don't have a car but one of those places which is lovely to visit - there is a wonderful Indian restaurant in the High Street which does buffet lunches - just yum!

    2. We've never eaten in Kinver. I'm a fussy eater and don't eat Indian but we always like the look of the The Vine ( Ithink that's what it was called). When Dave lived in Wolves we could never afford to eat out as all his wage went on rent and bills and I earn very little! Sorry about the double comment by the way - I wrote one, then wasn't sure if I'd closed the window too soon and hadn't entered the codes or something, so I wrote another later to be sure!


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