Sunday, 14 July 2013

Large Melons and Small Jubblies


S'Ot innit?!

Time to get the melons and jubblies out I reckon!

Ooh MAY-tron!!
Ooh You lot ARE awful.  

But I laike you!

Tee hee.
 In this heat I could quite happily live off watermelon.  I love it!  Trouble is I always get into such a mess, take half my make-up off and have juice running down both arms in the process!
Watermelon Smile!

Did you ever have jubblies when you were little? They were triangular shaped flavoured ice lollies which you ate out of the packaging.  I remember going to our little local shop for them in the long hot summer holidays of the 70s.   I think they were around 5p each at the time.  Sheila the shop lady would have to go out back into her living room and delve deep into the chest freezer to retrieve them.  They were always orange flavour! Never any deviation into such exotic flavours as cola or lemon and lime in her shop thank you very much!

Now I don't know about you, but back in the day they seemed to be HUGE!  They lasted for ages and you needed two hands to hold them.  (stop it!).  You could never open the top properly  so when you tipped it up to get the melted juice out it always ended up running down your face and into your ears. Sometimes you squeezed a little bit too hard and the pyramid of ice jettisoned skywards and then landed on the tarmac to melt into a sticky pool, leaving one feeling completely bereft.  I thought they'd stopped making them years ago but I found boxes of them in the  supermarket. I rushed home (oh yes I did!) to freeze them into submission and relive my childhood.

Disappointingly, they appear to have shrunk!  They're teeny!  One was most disappointed.  One can now hold them between thumb and fore finger.  See below for size comparison.

Teeny Tiny Jubbly.  
PAH!! to small jubblies, for they have gone the same way as Wagon Wheels.  You could dine all week off a Wagon Wheel at one time, now they're shadows of their former selves. 

So have they really downsized, people, or is their diminutive size simply relative to the size of our now grown up hands?  Discuss.

See you soon! 


  1. We used to have them as children but they cost a sixpenny bit and yes, they have shrunk!

  2. Bit like Creme eggs, they DO shrink every year no matter what Cadbury tell us! Pah

  3. I've not heard of Jubblies, but you're oh so right about Wagon Wheels. They used to be HUGE, then downsized to chocolate bikkie size. It's all a big swizz.

  4. They have definitely shrunk! A few years ago I was invited to see inside a house that I grew up in and left at the age of 9. The ceilings were lower, the window sills were too and the fireplace was smaller, not the huge, almost-inglenook we had! Looked just the same shape and colour, though.

  5. I am afraid that in my world jubblies are not a lolly....I am of course referring to Only Fools and Horses lovely jubbly!!

  6. haha this post did make me chuckle! My dad always comments on the size of wagon wheels and I think most things are smaller than they used to be.

    PS our wineglasses are large! Rightly or wrongly, I've always thought that if we open a bottle of wine we have to drink it all as it won't be as nice after a day or two in the fridge! Our glasses hold just under half a bottle! I haven't tried barefoot wine, thanks for the suggestion, I'll look out for it.

  7. Don't know about Jubblies as I haven't come across any for years! But...Wagon Wheels are definitely smaller AND they don't taste quite the same either do they?

    Just like the sweets they sell that are supposed to be what we bought all those years ago. I bought some and threw them away because they were nothing like the ones I remembered, for taste.


  8. Good to see Matron up there again, Kim :) Hah hah haaaah. Good times eh?!


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