Sunday, 28 July 2013

Come to Kinver

Greetings my lovelies - thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland once again.

We've had a little erm...  I think 'stay-cation' is the new fangled term for holidaying at home ... this week but we ventured out on Friday just a few miles out of Stourbridge to the little village of Kinver. Its a sweet little place. There literally just the High Street which houses a few shops, and then the road leads out of the village and up onto Kinver Edge, which was declared an area of outstanding natural beauty and has wonderful places to walk.  Kinver has a good deal of history to it - better described  HERE, which also includes details on the Rock Houses and has a wonderful little video showing the area in more detail. 

Rather than me blathering on - I'll just share some photographs with you if I may.....
Was a spoiled brat and was treated to something from this shop - will show you later!

"Kinver has, at various times in the past, been spelt on maps and documents as: Kinfare, Kynfare, Chenfare, Chenevare and Cynefare. It is thought likely that it is a corruption of Cefn Fawr - a Welsh phrase meaning Big Ridge, featuring, as it does, a big sandstone ridge" (Source Wikipedia)

There are some sweet little shops down this short Mews -
Including a little antique shop called Granny's Attic - I loved this sign which was hanging outside but I don't think it was for sale.

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As smoking areas go, this is as quirky as it should be!
As it was time for lunch, we retired to Dunsley Tea Rooms (remember my outing to Dunsley Hall a few weeks back? well this is their little offshoot village cafe).  The grown ups had lattes..........

and I had a raspberry milkshake because nothing else would do!

For lunch, Mum and LM had pulled pork burgers which they both declared delicious.  I had a lamb and mint burger and it was bloody 'orrible.  Blurgh!  I love lamb and mint anything and was really looking forward to this, thinking it would be a nice thick home made burger - but truth be told it was extremely disappointing.  It was overcooked and the edges were hard.  Pah!  LM finished it and reckoned it was okay, but I was sulking by then!  

I went 'sploring in the little garden.  

Ooh look - there be a dragon!
Little gargoyles and grotesques everywhere - 
This was what I looked like after that burger!

Ooh another one - he looks proper fed up doesn't he!

After redeeming themselves by serving me a rather wondrous piece of apple pie, we bid goodbye and wended our way along the High Street, admiring the huge and ubiquitious hanging baskets as we went along.  
I stopped at a little craft shop (because I'm a nosey sod and couldn't pass it without investigating!and purchased three metres of bias binding for the princely sum of £1.30.  Last of the big spenders me!

We then decided to pay a visit to a recently reopened hostelry around the corner which sits adjacent to a stretch of the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, which in turn runs alongside a stretch of the River Stour. The Vine dates back to 1780 and is a very popular pub with locals and out of town visitors alike.  Its a great place to sit and watch the barges go by.  We partook of some nice cold shandies and sat close to the canal lock, watching the comings and goings of the bargees as they manoeuvred their way through.

LM and I took ourselves for a little saunter along the towpath where these beauties were moored....
This was a floating cafe! 

Rosie & Jim had already popped in for a cuppa!

A sweet little sitting area created and dedicated to a loved one.

Such a lovely thing to do and obviously a favourite spot for both of them.

Cool reflections in the water

We had a lovely, meandering day just a bus ride away from where we live.   Oh - and this is what I was treated to!  

A counterbalance means that he's articulated - I love him! 

See you soon! 


  1. Ooo, I love him! Now we need a video clip when the wind's blowin' =)

  2. I'm sure I've been to Kinver, but much must have changed. Looks really interesting.

  3. A great day out, I love Kinver and the edge and it was nice to see it again through your blog.

  4. I love him too! I would love something like that here but it would end up in Norway. Love the sound of your day.

  5. Love, love, LOVE your pressie, Kim!

    I want him



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