Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It was a good Wednesday ...

Hello bloglies!

I'm on leave for the next three days and today has been one of those wonderful, relaxed days that come along once in a while and restore your equilibrium.

First of all, after an early rise, the man and I took ourselves off to a boot sale at the local Rugby Club.  After an overcast beginning to the morning, the sun burned through and good lawdy was it HOT!!  Phew!  There wasn't much to be had in the way of bargains though, really, despite the field being full with rows and rows of cars, but we did treat ourselves to two of these little impish faces who have now taken up residence as gatekeepers on either side of the archway....

And a new addition to our Green Man family.

From there we made our way into town where we had an early lunch in Subway using one of their meal deals to keep the costs down.

We had a look in the plethora of charity shops and I found a sweet little top and a dress for DD who needed cheering up as she has recently split from her boyfriend of two years.  It was a mutual decision, and probably more her decision than his, but of course as is usual in any long term relationship split, she's having a bit of an uppy downy time right now as she comes to terms with it all.  She was very pleased with them and its good to see her smiling.  I don't like it when my babes are blue.

Lovely Mammy had given us a couple of vouchers that she wasn't going to use.  First of all we had £5.00 to spend in the local Hospice charity shop which had been won in the Hospice's weekly lottery.  We chose to 'spend' the voucher in their book shop and came away with seven novels (six for him as he reads at a rate of knots - in bed, in the bath, on the loo.......... actually what IS it about men reading on the loo?  I've never understood it!!) and one for me.  I chose Sue Townsend's 'The woman who went to bed for a year" as I'd seen it a few times in Smiths but baulk at paying full cost for reading material when by waiting for a couple of weeks they'll turn up in the charries for about a quid each!  I wanted something lightweight as I am hopeless at finishing a book these days - this is particularly annoying because I used to read a couple of novels per week - now I'm lucky if I finish two every year!.  So, anyway, for the seven books we only paid £1.50  as they also had a three for two offer on!  Double bonus!

We then went to Costa and sat on the squashy sofas with a tropical cooler drink as it was mega-hot and we were both melting, and read our books for a while.  I loved doing this - very therapeutic indeed. Particularly as at a similar time yesterday I had been running around like a headless chicken and feeling more stressed than Mrs Stressed of Stressland.

Next on the agenda was some 'posh' shopping in Waitrose as Mum had also given us £10.00 in vouchers which she had tried to spend on several occasions in there but couldn't find anything she wanted!  We had no such difficulties, and scored a ready made Thai meal for him indoors, and some goats cheese, vegetable crisps and a garlic dip for moi!    (I had a massive and unbidden craving for goats cheese and caramelised onion tart for tea - we couldn't find one and so Man went on a mission to make one instead!  It was gorgeous but so rich I could only manage a little of it - a little of what you fancy tho eh?!).

Have you seen the ad on the tv for Heston's new salted caramel popcorn icecream? There's a big thing about it in the adverts at the moment and it sounded quite nice.  Well.  It's usually around £4.50ish for a tub but as it was on offer at half of that price today and 'free' to us with our voucher, we indulged.  I so wish we hadn't bothered.  What a bloody waste of time.  It just tastes like bland vanilla ice cream mixed with some flaccid popcorn bits and some shards of salted caramel.  I'm not impressed at all

I've mentioned before that there is a cut price greengrocer  in the High Street which sells some splendid plants very cheaply - this came home with us today  - isn't it fabulous?!  I love its madness and the explosion in a paint factory colours!  It smells gorgeous too.  The name on the tag says:  Floribunda "Crazy for You" and it has some vicious thornage but I shall forgive it nearly ripping my thumb open because it makes me smile!

In other garden news - remember the tomato and pepper plants I rescued from the supermarket a few weeks back?  Well it looks like they'll be rewarding me very shortly!

Today was a good day.   Hope yours was too xxxx


  1. It sounds as though you and your man are enjoying some good, simple times together and that's what counts, after all isn't it? No need to spend a fortune when life can be really enjoyed for so much less.

    When you have love, you have everything. So glad you're happy, lady :)


  2. You're right, that rose is outrageous! Lucky you with your vegs, our toms are doing OK, but still not as advanced as yours.

  3. Ooh I love a good boot sale in the week, Kim! You got some good treasures yesterday, but I must say that the Sue Townsend book is not among my favourites! That's only my opinion though ...

    Lovely flowers and I can smell (and taste!) those toms from here!

    Have a great break

    Love Claire xxx

  4. sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. Well you knew I'd be along to drool over your greenman and gargoyle didn't you. Sounds like you had a cracking day!

  6. What a plethora of gorgeousness! Those plants look so lush and healthy - yum! And some fabulous bargains to be had, too! x

  7. Sorry to read about DD. Hope she is improving.

    What a lovely day you had. (goats cheese fanatic here!) That rose is a stunner.


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