Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday Ponderings

Hello lovelies

Hasn't it been a glorious day today?  I celebrated the sunshine by sitting at the top of the garden with my early morning cuppa; listening to the hennies squeaking their delight at finding the sweetcorn hidden inside their daily mash.  Harvey was racing around like a loon as usual, up and down the garden path at break neck speed and barking a greeting to anyone and their dog who had the audacity to walk past our gate.  I noticed that the aqueligias are just about to flower and the Mother of Millions rose bush is loaded with buds.  I'm hoping that they all bloom and the frost doesn't make a sneaky return.  The birds were singing their little heads off and it was all so idyllic and peaceful that, even more so than usual, I so didn't want to go to work. It's a rare treat for me to have the time to sit for 30 minutes before work and even more of a treat to sit outside.  There was nothing I could do to prevent time marching on however and soon it was time to leave for the Dark & Gloomy Place.

I work in a large air-conditioned office.  Notice "air-conditioned".   So why then, were we advised that keeping the blinds down all day would assist with keeping the heat down?  I wouldn't wonder so much if the sun shone directly through our window, but it doesn't!  It doesn't really get much direct sunlight, but what little we do get has been blocked out all day.  It made me very antsy I can tell you.  It's bad enough having to go there in the first place, but being denied my bit of 'green' through the window has made it a gloomy and very long old day.

I guess I should count my blessings that I have the luxury of windows in my workplace - it just seems such a waste of a rare beautiful day.

During my evening wander up and down the field I was pleased to see the return of the housemartins zipping around in the half light, swooping after the myriad of midges and gnats which were dancing manically along the path.  They've been here every year since I've been living here but it's the first time I've seen them so far this year.   I'm hoping that the bats will be making an appearance soon too. 

I've been watching the coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show.  I've never been and would love to go for a wander around.  It always looks incredibly busy though - I'm not sure if there is a 'quieter' day to visit!  There are, as usual, some stunning gardens and the Gold Medal winners are very well deserving of their awards.

Now if they'd only come and do something with mine!!


  1. What a shame you had to have the blinds down at work on a glorious day. At least you had your quiet time to start the day.

    Actually, it was a glorious day in the Antipodes as well. A light frost first thing but a wonderful autumn day.

  2. I watched Chelsea last night (Tuesday), and was a little surprised by all the 'TV Gardeners' who were receiving gold medals. Some of the exhibits were dreadful; barbed wire and bullets on one, strange wooden gantries on another. Whatever happened to simple good relaxed design? Most of those gardens would give me the creeps.

  3. Hi Susan - ah there is nothing more perfect than a crisp Autumn day. Hope your good weather continues for a while x

    Hiya Cro - I agree - the TV gardeners certainly were strongly featured and there is rather too much focus on heavily industrial architectural designs of late. A couple of the gardens stood out for me however, - the Satoyama Life Garden and the World Vision one...both beautiful in very different ways.