Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beltane - Evening additional!

Hello again.

One of my friends on Facebook posted this photographic challenge for May.  As I often struggle for blogspiration then I shall be nickin' this idea as suggestions for my bloggy posts this month.

Earlier this evening I went for an extremely squelchy walk over the field.  Gawd it was so cold!! , It was the type of raw, damp cold more akin to November, when it seeps into your bones. The whole landscape looked grey this evening.  A low lying mist lay heavily over the tips of the young wheat leaves.  The path was, as you can imagine, claggy and claylike underfoot.  I didn't venture far really, just five minutes up the path and five minutes down; enough for the Hooligan to run off some of the excess energy he'd been storing up all afternoon.

I looked delightful of course....in wellies and my work clothes.  Such fabulous field attire!  In spite of weather, the mud and the cold, as usual all of the workyday stresses dissipated within seconds of me being there.  So there you go -  Day One "Peace",

My field = Peace.

Probably an unassuming and insignificant wheat field to some - to me it's quiet, solitude and grounding when I need it most.  No telephones, no blaring tv, no-one saying 'MuUUUuuuuUUUm',  no-one faffing around saying "KiiIIIiiiim... Can you just do this urgent tape...." .... there's just me.  And possibly a blur of red and white fur in the distance!

In other news.....

What do you think of this eh?  I reckon it's a secret den for junkie squirrels freebasing on peanuts.

Alternatively it could be some well meaning soul putting nuts out for the wild birds  - but then allowing the empty bliddy nets to drop onto the floor outside their back gate rather than binning them.  Seems a bit of a contradiction in terms, does it not, to feed the birds with one hand then endanger the local wildlife with the packaging!  There must have been about 20 nets on the floor. I couldn't get to them to pick them up this evening as the huge bed of young very bite-y stingy things barred my access despite my wellies!  I shall attempt to retrieve them as soon as possible.

The elder is setting flower - this year I WILL make elderflower champagne - I have absolutely no excuse!

I love the acid green of the young ivy shoots against the darkness of the older leaves

Blogging off again now - bye bye!


  1. I love blog entries like this!
    personal and insightful!

  2. Love the pictures. I know what you mean about the colour contrasts between what has been and those newly emerged.

  3. ah, dont you just love synchronisity! As I was here reading your two beltane posts, a box popped up telling me you had just left a comment on my own beltane post!

    a blessed beltane to you Kim!

    Leanne x


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