Sunday, 20 May 2012

Easy like Sunday Mor... well all day really!

Felic...Feliss...fella..(eek no!) Felisi... ah bugger it. I can't spell Feliciwotsits so I shall just have to wave in a manic fashion and say "Hiya!!!"

I've been a right Waynetta Slob today.  I've spent the day in my pj bottoms (I managed to change the pj top but couldn't quite muster up enough energy to go the whole hog.  I'm not usually a lazy sod, I'm really not,  a but today was just one of those days where we weren't expecting to go out or for visitors to come a-knocking  - and if they did then they'd have to take us as we were!  We've all been at home, but doing our own thing really.  I've done dinner whist Charl has been battling with a recalcitrant tv aerial, then whilst he washed up, I managed to whip up a pineapple upside down loaf cake a la the wondrous FROOGS' RECIPE  We're just waiting for it to cool but it's looking very golden and fluffy and smells great!

I made my son's all time fave cake yesterday - James Martin's Cola Cake.  I've had differing levels of success with this cake - remember THIS post from last year?   Well it turned out marginally better this time hence half  having disappeared from the fridge already along with an extra fingerful of icing!  Sigh.

The kids have exchanged bedrooms over the weekend.  We were dreading it as 'Kevin's' room is like a toxic wasteland.  However, all credit to them they haven't required supervision or assistance and have been ruthless in the 'chucking stuff out' stakes.  We just need a flippin' skip now!!  DD has de-boyed her new room remarkably well, giving it a lick of white paint, and has mixed a purple tester pot with the remainder of the paint in the tin, and now has one wall toting a delicate shade of lilac.  I'm very impressed with the pair of them.  DD has always had the bigger room whilst 'Kevin's' room is like a glorified box room in an awkward 'L' shape, but having the redeeming feature of a walk in closet which lies over the top of the stair well.    He is revelling in his (by comparison) open spaces and is on a warning of pain of death that if we find things growing in there not of a plant in a pot variety, he will have to be relegated to the shed!

I remember that I'm supposed to be featuring a "picture each day" during May.  Well as always I've been rubbish - but by way of an attempt at catching up, the title for the 20th of the month is "Something you can't live without"

Well, my family and loved ones aside, it would be these babies!

Eyeliner and mascara!  With them I can take on the world, without them I am but dust.  No really!  Think of Samson without his hair.  That's me without me liner and mazzy that is!

It's taken me AGES to type up this post.

Here's why.

Ah Mum's on the laptop - she'll need Tigey.

Here you go Mum.  I'm helpful aren't I?
Mum!!! LOOK!!! It's TIGEY!!

He's nice ain't he?! Have a closer look!

You're not much fun!  I'm having him back!

I've got him now and you're not having him!!  So ungrateful!

I'll just be having this then if you're not going to play ...

I've got some mascara - I'm ready for me close up now!

Blimey!!  I've just noticed that the above archived post was from 19th May!! A year to the day I made another cola cake!  How flippin weird is that?!  Serendipity indeed.

Love Love :)


  1. Oh, your pooch is just so cute. If I sit to talk on the phone I get a cat on my lap. Great company though.

  2. When they DEMAND attention, just give-in!

  3. Not sure which I would love more, the yummy cake or the gorgeous doggy :)


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