Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday Blather

Hey hey!

How was your Bank Holiday?   - Apart from being wet, that is!

We had planned to go to a community event in our local park.  My brother and a couple of friends had worked hard in a relatively short space of time to put together a 'Jubilee Picnic in the Park' for Sunday, which would feature our own version of the Olympics  - hula hoops, space hoppers, tug o war, giant jenga to name but a few of the games they had planned.  Unfortunately the weather made it a complete wash out and it was shelved until further notice - or a decent spell of dry weather.  Such a shame.

Although there's not much in the way of Royalist leanings going on here at Peapods per se, we are staunchly patriotic of old Blighty, and we can appreciate what old Queenie has achieved.  Plus I love any opportunity to deck the house up!  So on Saturday we went in search of bunting and a couple of flags to prettify the front garden.  Oopsie.   Leaving the buying of bunting and the like so late equalled a mahoosive Jubilee Fail.  Nary a strip of bunting or a UJ was to be found in the hallowed halls of the Poundshop/Wilkinsons/Home Bargains/everywhere else.  We had to seek solace in our local favourite coffee shop to ponder upon our misdemeanour.  Man had a brainwave though, and disappeared for a few minutes before returning triumphantly clutching a huge plastic laundry bag and a plastic shopping bag from aforementioned Pound Emporium.  In response to my look of puzzlement he merely tapped his nose knowingly and told me to wait and see.

Well.  How's this for a classic bit of improvisation?  He deconstructed said bags, cut triangles from the plastic fabric and then strung them in alternative colours on the tape which had held the bags together.  I put in a couple of running stitches to hold each penant securely and there we have it! Rain proof DIY red, white and blue bunting the likes of which no-one else has! Tadahhhh!  

In other news, during the latter part of Soggy Sunday I made my Jubilee Jack cake!  This was taken from a recipe using the new Stork baking liquid and using frozen berries over whipped double cream to decorate.  The sponge itself turned out really well and as it was soaked in citrus (in this case, lime) syrup, was deliciously moist too.

Is this the most boring blog photo ever?!
The sand has arrived for Operation Courtyard.  A whole lotta work looms on the horizon!  If it ever stops raining that is.

I had forgotten that I had planted alium bulbs and they seem to have popped up from nowhere which has been a nice surprise!  Hopefully they will come into flower in a few days' time so I can photograph them in all their glory.

The forecast is set for high winds and rain for the rest of the week.... guess it must be June then?!

See you soon! xxx


  1. That bunting can be used for ALL occasions. Weddings, funerals, bar mitzfers (no idea how you spell that). Genius.

    And as for that cake.....

  2. The bunting is fab and the cake looks amazing! Hope the alliums survive flaming June and you manage to get some pics of them.

  3. it all looks wonderful. Loving the shopping bag bunting!
    I reckon sales of blurberries and strawberries went through the roof last weekend, as we had 2 cakes like that at our party too :-)
    Yes our garden is suffering already with these winds, all my tall plants are listing drunkenly!


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