Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June edition!

Outside my window... is very cloud-full!  The magnolia is in full leaf and makes our small living room very dark over the summer.   Me thinks it may be time to bite the bullet and take drastic action.

I am thinking... that the weekend has gone far too quickly and that I simply wasn't born for this working malarkey.  Huff.  

I am thankful... that I'm ridiculously, heart poppingly happy.   And I don't care who knows it! :)

In the kitchen... is the debris from Sunday dinner awaiting Operation Wash-up.  Which won't be for at least another 45 mins as Man and I are having a Punk-fest, watching Punk Britannia at the BBC and singing along like loons to the featured artists.  Sigh.  A whole 90 mins of pure nostalgia!

I am wearing... black jeans and a black polo top.  (and very "punk as ****" grey slippers with pink bows and sequins.  Natch.   

I am creating...  my red white and blue ripple blankie and will be for a verrrrry long time it seems!

I am going... to take a hammer to the washing machine very shortly if it keeps stopping mid-cycle.  

I am wondering... whether I can get away with having a "mental health" day tomorrow.  This is doubtful!

I am reading... 50 Shades of Grey - Freed.  The third in the trilogy by  E L James.  Complete and utter trash and majorly overhyped but addictive in a 'so easy to read it's tragic' kinda way - which suits this woman of little brain's lack of patience with more cerebral tomes.   Oh.  And there's lots of sex in em too.  Which is nice.  hehehe.

I am hoping... that Tuesday will bring some answers for my Dad when he sees his Consultant.

I am looking forward to... seeing Public Image Limited in August.  Oh and a friend's mahoosively posh wedding next month.

I am learning ... to keep calm and carry on.    And to let go and move on.    And that you can't please all of the people all of the time.   

Around the house... the usual chaos prevails.   The dog is moulting.  Nuff said.

I am pondering... as to where at least one copy of my marriage certificate might be so that I can file my divorce application.  I have several - do you think I can find one of the bliddy things?!

A favorite quote for today...   "I am an anti-christ.  I am an anarchist".   Hah!!

One of my favorite things...  Twix McFlurry.  Today anyway! ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week: seeing my bestie for a weeks worth of holiday catching upathon!!  She's been to the TT this week so I'm looking forward to tales of men in leather and zoomy bikes!

A peek into my day...  - well.... not much has happened today really so I'm sharing an internet photo which always makes me smile!  


  1. Um, don't us GOGpeeps have a mental health day every day? ;)

  2. Would love to have seen Punk Britannia myself, but some twit invited me out for dinner. Difficult choice!


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