Monday, 29 December 2014

Random Shopping

Hello lovely bloglies. Thanks for visiting me and a big hello to my new followers. **waves a mince pie**

Feeling a little stir crazy today we decided to venture into town to see what they were giving away.  Not a lot, it seemed. I'm sure the shops buy in a load of tat to make up their sales stock.

I did, however, come home with the most random bag of shopping ever.

A cast iron stags head, a pot of purple hyacinths and a huge leg of lamb (which had been reduced in Aldi to just £5).

Top that!

Yep it's a slow news day here at Peapods!  Hey it was either my shopping report or nothing.  Consider yourselves lucky!!  ;)

See you soon!


  1. I am taking a breather from shopping now due to the credit card bills coming in the mail. It appears that I went over my budget -l like I usually do.

    1. Same here. My bank account is sitting in a corner somewhere rocking too and fro!

  2. A leg of lamb for five quid!!!!! I'd buy an extra freezer.

    1. I wish I'd got a bigger freezer Cro. Half price lamb is very rare these days. I'd have cleared their surplus!!

  3. Just found you.
    So, a stags head?
    I loath shopping but agree with Cro.

  4. Hello Irene. Welcome to Peapods and thanks for commenting.

  5. Stag's head now you're talking!


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