Friday, 19 December 2014

A day in the life of ...

It's been a rather surreal day today.

Lunchtime saw seven of us sitting around a table in the training room eating a proper Xmas dinner from a polystyrene box, thus:-

 Overheard in a store :-

Who restocked this rail?

I did why?

Cos it looks like Stevie Wonder did it!

Oh.  Well I don't know who you're talking about cos I don't watch telly.

Seeing these:-   why in the name of Noddy Holder would you need a slipper boot with a pocket for your mobile phone?

Battling the ravening hoards at the Merry Hill shopping centre where the dementors live, then sitting in a coffee shop purchasing something from Amazon.  Oh the irony!

Seeing two swans a swimming on the canal this morning, getting excited (me not the swans) then feeling let down because there should of course have been seven swans a swimming at this time of year. 

As an aside, it has become apparent since lunch time that I should only consider sprouts as costume jewellery from here on in. .


  1. The other Swans were probably pretending to be golden rings.

  2. There is nothing wrong with eating a meal from a box. You did not have to cook it and you have no dishes to wash. It sounds annd looks perfect to me.


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