Monday, 15 December 2014

I shouldn't complain really ...

Although I moan and complain about the office politics and the endless meetings ( as in - let's have a meeting to discuss what we said in the last meeting in case we forget about by the time the next meeting occurs), I guess I'm lucky to have very generous employers.  We have just received a very nice bonus thanks very much (although the taxman did a little victory dance too I should imagine), and we also have a choice of a John Lewis hamper or twelve bottles of wine to the value of £100 as a Christmas gift.  Once each month we finish work half an hour early and are treated to a glass of wine or beer and nibbles in our "atrium" which serves as a large meeting place for informal get togethers. With our department having recently moved to a satellite office it was good to see familiar faces and have a catch up.

Today we were treated to hot mulled wine and mince pies whilst a choir formed by work colleagues serenaded us with carols. Now carols leave me cold because of the heavy religiousness of them all. That aside though my goodness the choir was good. They almost raised the roof with their soaring descants. It's very interesting to see your colleagues doing something else other than the job you associate them with.

I let my guard drop for a few minutes and nearly became quite fond of the old place.

Nearly.  But not quite.

I blame the mulled wine.

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  1. My late father was always a very generous employer. All his staff (at work and in our home) received wonderful gifts for their birthdays, when they went on holiday, and for Christmas. Nice man.

    I must say, as an ardent atheist I really don't mind the primitive side of carols, I just sing along with gusto!


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