Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook December Edition

Hello lovelies,

I'm linking to Simple Woman's Day Book for one last time in 2014.
I love blogging but my life just isn't that exciting to provide me with blogging fodder on a daily basis and I'm sure that you lovely people don't really  want to know what I had for dinner each night or how many times I've been to the loo in a day!!  (And if you do then don't admit to it!).  I therefore use the Day book entries to provide useful blogging prompts.  There are many others taking part and here's the link if you would like to check them out too
Outside my window:-   it's dark and the skies are very clear. There are some patches of the garden which haven't thawed all day and remain white with frost.  Brr quite frankly!

I am thinking:- how glad I am that the cat is now being tolerated by the hooligan hound so much so that Charlie cat walks underneath him and steals his biscuits!  I never thought I'd see the day.

I am thankful:- for friends.  I had a lovely cosy catch up over toast and coffee this morning with Madam P and a barking mad hilariously non-sensical text convo with S this evening.  You can't beat it!

I am wearing:- a big super fluffy cardigan, a black tunic dress, black leggings and mad socks.  I am the height of fashion don't you know. (The height of fashion looks like a fluffy oversized black bird with bright pink feet just in case you were wondering.  What can I say? Vivienne Westwood designed me)

I am creating:- hmm let's see. A ripple blanket, (about a month old) another ripple blanket, (about a year old) a Celtic Christmas cross stitch (approximately 8 years old), a wildlife cross stitch (about a year old), a friendship journal (started about four months ago), several canvasses (anything from six months onwards), nappy cake and a nappy owl (3 months old and now smelling of damp shed so I can't do anything with them), several unfinished pages in an art journal (nearly ten months old), a bag (about two months old and still on the sewing machine), a granny square blanket (about three years old) and yes,  I have outed myself as a serial unfinisher of works in progress.  One is suitably shame faced.  A bit.  Maybe.

I am going:- to try harder!!!

I am wondering:- what new project I can try in the new year.  Cough.

I am reading:-  Harry Potter and the philosophers stone; Frankenstein;
The return of the hippy by David Luddington and Free Country by George Mahood.

I am hoping:- for a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year for all of us.

I am learning:- that perhaps I shouldn't try to do more than one thing at a time.  Particularly as I have the attention span of ..... oooh pretty lights...erm, what was I saying again?

Around the house:- the last vestiges of the festive period remain. It will soon be time to pack another Xmas away with its memories until next year.

In the kitchen:- remains of the home made lasagne we had for tea, and an orange blossom candle burning in the window.

I am pondering:- what flavour ice cream I should attempt to make tomorrow. I have a new Xmas nifty gifty gadget!

A favourite quote:- "all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, the old that is strong shall not wither, deep roots are not hurt by frost"  Tolkien.

One of my favourite things:- at the moment my Kindle Fire. I love it!!

A few plans for this week:- having the famaloonies around tomorrow for pulled pork cobs and home made ice cream.

A peek into my day.  Charlie cat loves his new bed although methinks he could have done with a slightly larger model.

Love love!!


  1. I do wish our Freddie would be as at home with the dogs; he still runs a mile from them.

    1. If Charlie runs then Harvey will chase. I still wouldn't trust them left on their own but it's a lot better than it was. It's only taken three years!

  2. What a interesting post, it was lovely to have a little peek into your Day Book. How many times do you go to........nah I don't really want to know :) Have a great New Year from a fellow ageing punk x

    1. I lost count after the fourth gin and tonic!! ;)

  3. Comfy Charlie! :)

    This is me. Adding a comment to your post. You Blogger tweaking (that does NOT say twerking, though I couldn't honestly say) wizard! lol x

  4. I rather enjoy these posts, interesting snippets of life :)


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