Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tucked up Tuesday

Hey everyone

Thanks to everyone who commented/emailed their good wishes to me recently.  They are very much appreciated.

I emailed Samaritans to see whether I could attend another time but sadly these selection days are only held a couple of times each year and they will not do individual interviews.  To say I am gutted is putting it mildly but I have requested that they keep my references and details on file so that I am able to attend the next one.

The scan has revealed gall stones.  I'm actually quite relieved in a way that this has been confirmed because I really was quite worried as to what else it could have been.  It certainly explains the pain I've been in.  The sonographer said "well you definitely have gall stones".  After heaving a sigh of relief, I asked if there were many and she replied, "Erm, yep quite a few".  Apparently the wall of my gall bladder is also thickened - whatever that means.   I am now waiting for the next stage of proceedings which is a hospital appointment to discuss my options with the Consultant, following which I can instruct BUPA if the NHS waiting list is too long as I have this through work.

Since I had the diagnosis, I have stripped fat completely from my diet and have only eaten vegetables and fruit.  I'm actually enjoying my enforced vegetarianism - I was vegetarian for a number of years in my yoof and so it is no hardship.  I stuck to plain steamed veggies on Sunday, I had a stir fry (well not fried at all really - just - erm... stirred!) with a handful of Quorn pieces yesterday, and today I made a vegetable bake with courgettes and onions in passata with oregano, a little sugar to taste, and a grind of garlic salt.  I topped this off with a thinly sliced sweet potato and baked it in the oven.  It was delicious for something thrown together and I shall certainly be trying that again.

I miss my spices, although I did read on the lovely Kath's blog over at Hillside House recently that turmeric had lots of health giving properties so I did a little read up on it.  It certainly does seem to be very beneficial for a lot of ailments - apart from for gall stone sufferers who should avoid it!  Gah!  Looks like gentle herbs are the way forward for the time being at least.

In the meantime I am making the most of my enforced rest.  I'm taking time to just sit and relax rather than hurling myself at 27 different projects at once, or feeling that I should be tackling the housework rather than just sitting and "being".  I'm enjoying being here at home, being a housewifey and cooking the evening meal for the family.  How long it will be until I go stir crazy is anyone's guess but for now I'm happy to read all of my favourite blogs, hook up with some crochet and feel smug that the rain and wind are blowing a hooley outside whilst I'm tucked up in here.

Keep dry!

Love love xx


  1. Onwards and upwards Kim! Glad you've got the diagnosis, now just to sort you out and get well ...

    I love staying in when the rain and wind are howling outside ... doing cosy things without the guilt that you should really be doing something else! Relax and enjoy, sweetie!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. My friend had the same thing and her gall bladder was removed via keyhole surgery. She has never looked back!

  3. I'm so glad it turned out not to be more serious. I had my thickened gall bladder (with impacted stones) removed last September. Very straight forward, tiny scars, one night's stay.
    Funny thing was, a I had no pain leading up to my admission via A and E, I was only taken ill the day before.


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