Saturday, 19 October 2013

Colour my world

Hello lovely readers,

I've had a couple of uppy-downy days with this bloody stomach problem.   The good news is that I have my urgent scan tomorrow morning.  The bad news is that means I can't attend the Samaritans selection day.  To say that I am gutted is an understatement.  Hopefully they will understand the situation and allow me to attend another session.  I do hope so.

I've dropped 10 lbs since last Friday.  This is a good thing but the fact that I am scared to actually eat anything isn't so good.  Today I have managed to eat a mashed banana with honey on a very small slice of Rankin's wheaten bread toast.  That was ok - didn't hurt.  I ate another slice for lunch, just with a smear of honey this time.  That was ok - didn't hurt!   This evening I've just had steamed carrots and cauliflower with a couple of quorn mini eggs.  I'm waiting to see if this is going to hurt!

Last night I had a very small plain jacket potato with a piece of baked fish.  Stupid woman that I am, I didn't remove the batter and it darn near killed me not more than an hour later, and I suffered for hours and hours. Mega strength pain killers didn't touch the pain so I had to chant (yep really) through it.


ANYWAY - enough of the poor me malarkey.

On a cheerier note, have a look at some photos of things that made me smile over the last couple of days!

I had to pop in to Lye yesterday and on the way to the bus stop walked through the churchyard and out on to the Bypass - where I found these at the side of the road.  I'm sure the lorry drivers were intrigued about the Rubenesque woman who was walking like Bambi (cos I was so flippin weak!) up on to the bank at the side of the road to take pictures of toadstools!  Or perhaps not - this is Lye after all - anything goes!)

A closer look

After that I made it to Mum's for a cuppa before my legs gave out.   As usual we had a wander around her pretty little garden where these were growing - they were great until her big German Shepherd mutt big-footed his way through them!

Her little acer tree was back lit by the sun and looked stunning!

No colour enhancers required here! 

Today has been spent at home.  Its been raining heavily again and I was happy to stay indoors, pottering.  I attacked the kitchen with as much gusto as I could muster but got bored and so distracted myself by making this little Halloween tree.

I happened to look out of the kitchen window just as the skies went really dark and was transfixed for a while watching the seagulls wheel around in the sky, their stark whiteness against the dark clouds was beautiful - and then this happened:-

Of course the colours aren't as bright on photograph but this was by far the brightest rainbow I've ever seen.  It seemed to come down right into the field.

A double one at that!

How is your weekend?

See you soon 



  1. Hope all goes well for your scan and they do something pronto and not leave you in limbo. Put your foot down, I usually find that works.

    1. Thanks DC - I shall certainly try!

  2. Hope you find a pot of gold Kim!

    Glad your scan is tomorrow, and I'm sure the Samaritans will understand ... That is what they are about, surely?

    Hope the results are good ... 10lb weight loss? I suppose every cloud has a silver lining!

    Take care my lovely

    Claire xxx

  3. That dreadful 'Honey Fungus' is actually edible (although I've never tried them). Awful things.

    1. Thanks for identifying it for me Cro! There was absolutely loads of it - that photograph was just part of it.

  4. oh poor you xx You sound like me when a gallstone got impacted and turned my gall bladder septic. I hope your scan shows the problem so you can get on and be treated xx

    1. Lordy Kath - that sounds awful you poor love!

  5. Lovely photos. Your stomach problem doesn't sound very nice at all - hope you are well again soon.

  6. Acers are gorgeous aren't they? Love your Halloween tree, I didn't do one this year :( Hope your appt. went ok, been thinking about you m'dear {{H}}

    1. Thank you my lovely. I have some little pumpkin lights to put on him too! xx


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